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Fresh ricotta on grilled bread

November 26, 2015

I don’t know if you have access to fresh ricotta made this morning but I bought mine from the cheese maker next door while staying at the off the beaten path agriturismo Palazzo del Duca in Tavernelle. A blog post about the experience is in the making but I had to use the cheese right away so here is one of the ways I used it, simplicity itself, and in the words of Leonardo da... View Article

Apple cinnamon mini muffins – vegan, with rice milk and olive oil

October 8, 2015

I made these little muffins on the spur of the moment this morning, before my Italian teacher Gian Marco Litrico came over to give G and me an overview of Italian art, history and politics in preparation for our upcoming stay in Italy. Gian Marco is educated, knowledgeable and interesting and we had wonderful time looking at and talking about works of art and historical, religious and political figures in Italian history. I served these... View Article

Breakfast on the go – banana-oatmeal-mango smoothie

July 16, 2015

Do you sometimes take your breakfast to go? I am not advocating it but if you do, then an oatmeal smoothie may be the way to go. I am a big fan of oatmeal for breakfast and this smoothie incorporates the elements of a morning oatmeal into a drink. Smoothies are not an exact science so don’t get hung up on quantities. Add your ingredients to the blender and enough liquid of your choice to... View Article

Israeli salad

July 11, 2015

A salad in Israel is a ritual. They have it with every meal, including breakfast but it is not necessarily the green leafy salad we are used to here (although they do have green leafy salads loaded with good stuff there as well). The traditional Israeli salad is made with ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, sweet red pepper and a sweet and pungent white onion and then you can add lots and lots of chopped flat... View Article

Mini buttermilk pancakes with berries

July 6, 2015

My daughter Jade was home this weekend and it was fun spending time around the table visiting and enjoying her company. Summer breakfast on the patio is special, especially when you can linger without a major agenda calling you away. Pancakes were always a weekend breakfast treat when the kids where growing up and I try to keep the momentum going when they visit now. I made these simple buttermilk pancakes with no frills and... View Article

Red quinoa and Chia Seeds Mini Pancakes

May 30, 2015

Two pancake recipes in one week seems like a lot but that’s how sometime things go. I cooked red quinoa the other day and wanted to try it in a couple of different dishes. Pairing it with vegetgables is the predictable choice (and I did make red quinoa with shaved carrots and asparagus) but I thought I’d try it with pancakes and loved the results. The pancakes had nutty flavour with good texture and the... View Article

Mini banana pancakes with banana and blueberries

May 24, 2015

Summer is time for leisurely breakfasts on the patio and although most of the time it is oatmeal or whole grains, sometimes I indulge in a little treat. Pancakes and waffles with fresh fruit, maple syrup and whipped cream are high on my “indulge” list.  And I like them small: compact and puffy little disks that can play the main role or be a side-kick, whatever else you are serving. For this recipe I chopped... View Article

Shakshuka – eggs in tomato sauce

May 14, 2015

Not sure what the origin of shakshuka is (Ottolenghi says Tunisia) but it is very popular in Israel as a breakfast dish. Shakshuka is easy to prepare and kind of exotic looking if you cook and serve it in a cast iron skillet. It’s a good dish for a large breakfast crowd as you can cook it in a large skillet with as many eggs as can fit in and your guests can spoon their... View Article

Irish Oats with fresh berries and coconut cream

April 27, 2015

How many ways can you make a bowl of oatmeal? To me, the possibilities are endless. This rich version is not an everyday oatmeal but a nice one for a special morning when you want something hearty and fun. I am on my way to a broadcast of Swans Lake from the Royal Ballet of London (they broadcast performances to local theatres worldwide, thankfully) and from there to a cooking class at the one and... View Article

Best muesli – vegan

April 15, 2015

I was looking through the breakfast section on the blog and was surprised to see that I have not posted this muesli recipe. I have been making it for years (with my eyes closed by now) and it has been a favourite in the family forever. It’s my go to breakfast item when I want to prepare something in advance and we enjoy it by itself or in addition to other breakfast items if we... View Article

Buckwheat chickpea flour waffles

April 1, 2015

I am a very early riser and love the quiet of early morning. Most days I see the sun come up, slowly rising, brushing the sky with strokes of soft peaches and pinks. The mountains across the lake remain dark, hiding the mysteries of the night, revealing them little by little as the light invades their valleys and exposes their peaks. Some mornings I start with a tisane and a few cookbooks, leafing through them... View Article

Orange date mini muffins and muffin tops

March 24, 2015

These are probably my favourite muffins and I have been making them for years, not disclosing how many. It is made with a whole orange chopped up and mixed with the batter. They have a nice tangy flavour and soft, light texture. I have a dairy free vegan version that I will post the next time I make them. Are you a muffin top kind of person? If so, join the club. I like muffins,... View Article