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Amsterdam – Jordaan food tour with Eating Amsterdam (Netherlands part 3 of 5)

November 17, 2016

Once we got the museums and The Hague under control we were ready to explore the food scene in Amsterdam. I had a few food items on my “list” and a lot of them revolved around breakfast: dutch pancakes, dutch baby (a puffed pancake, but turned out they never heard of it) and the little pillowy pancakes they call poffertjes. In the street foods department I had stroopwafel (waffles) and dutch fries on the list.... View Article

The Hague (Netherlands part 2 of 5)

November 4, 2016

Continued from here. The Hague The Hague was high on my agenda for this trip. The Hague derives its global fame from the fact that it is the seat of over 150 justice organizations, including the International court of Justice and the International Criminal court. It used to be the capital of the Netherlands and although Amsterdam was declared capital in early 1800s, the Dutch government, justice institutions and the Royal family are still based... View Article

Amsterdam – food, art and bicycles (Netherlands Part 1 of 5)

November 3, 2016

After cruising around the Baltic sea for a couple of weeks aboard the MS Koningsdam we returned to our first port of call Amsterdam and spent a week exploring the city and getting a taste of its food, culture and art. I have been there before and knew what to expect but still, every time you visit a place you get a different sense of it, partly because places change over time and partly because... View Article