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Spain – Stuffed Dates with cheese and walnuts

February 26, 2014

I haven’t been posting many recipes lately so I thought I’d offer this simple one to go with my last post since we drove through date palm groves on the way up from Marbella to Barcelona. Here is a simple but delicious way to make a different kind of “tapa” that I have seen served here and sold in food stores. You can serve it as  part of a tapas offering or with a cheese... View Article

Spain – Drive from Marbella to Barcelona (and chasing a single olive tree harvest)

February 26, 2014

It was hard to leave Andalucia. The blue Mediterranean, olive groves, white villages, fragrance of orange blossoms and unique sense of culture lure you with their beauty, enticing you to stay. We loved our few weeks in Andalucia, travelling to many cities and towns along the coast and farther inland, exploring the history, culture and food. Many of these places I haven’t yet written about but will in upcoming posts. We explored Andalucian cuisine, both at... View Article

Spain – Tapas and Pinchos in Valencia with Suzie

January 30, 2014

While in Valencia we went on a tapas tour with Suzie of Tours in Valencia. Suzie ranks #1 on trip Advisor for Valencia tapas tours and for good reasons. She is personable and fun and although much younger than my husband and I, she fitted right in and we had a great evening stopping for tapas at a few places, talking about food, culture, history, cooking and life in general. We went on a private tour because it is low season... View Article

Spain – The Art of Tapas

January 29, 2014

One of the charms of España is the culture of tapas. Tapas originated in the southern province of Andalusia, where we are headed to soon. The word tapa means “to top” and the tradition started accidentally when vendors used a piece of bread to cover the customer’s drinks, so that flying insects don’t  drown in the wine. Customers were eating the bread and vendors begun to top it with thin slices of ham or cheese to... View Article

Spain – Valencia, Amore a Primera Vista

January 26, 2014

Here is a city that took me by surprise. I knew it was the third largest city in Spain and expected it to be beautiful, but did not anticipate the incredible charm that Valencia has to offer. We are in Valencia, walking downtown among orange trees. I have never seen anything quite like it. Where else would you have orange trees laden with oranges line the city’s large avenues and narrow ancient side streets? Only in... View Article

Spain – Valencia Oranges in Moscatel and Orange Marmalade

January 17, 2014

Valencia oranges on the tree Valencia is the easternmost province of Spain, hugging the Mediterranean coast between Catalonia in the north and Murcia in the south. We drove down the coast of Valencia along highway N-322 en route to the Costa Blanca, a region lined with resort towns nestled between the mountains and the Mediterranean. The resorts are interspersed with sleepy fishing villages that once used to dominate this coastline. The name Costa Blanca was... View Article

Spain – Viva La España

January 14, 2014

Spain. There is something about it that makes you fall in love. I don’t know if it’s the people, the language, the music, the food or the vibrancy that’s in the air or all of these things combined but it definitely swept me off my feet. We arrived in Barcelona by TGV train from Paris and had a short stay en route to our destination on the Costa Blanca along the western Mediterranean (east coast... View Article