Coming Home From Vacation

May 27, 2012 Published by Dina

I love coming home from vacation. We live in the country, in a home we named Trail’s End. It’s an artistic house, nestled in the trees at the end of a long trail winding through the poplar forest and ending at the front door of our house (hence the double entendre name). We have lived here a long time and my identity is woven into and has become part of this house. Trail’s End is a special place for me.

Our house is an organic being. When I leave, it senses my absence and falls into a silent, slumbering sleep while I am away. The sounds of daily living are silenced. The long phone chats with kids and girlfriends, the sounds of food cooking, cameras snapping, book pages turning, music floating and dishes clanging are absent, allowing the house to retreat into a contemplative state, awaiting my return.

Returning home, I meet with silence in the house. A bit of dust accumulated in familiar places, leaves from the indoors trees have fallen, quietly waiting on the floor to be gathered and placed outside.  I walk through the rooms, letting my eyes rest on the much loved architecture and personal belongings, allowing my presence to gently wake up the slumbering house. I open a door and let the cool air stream in. Soon I hear the house wake up gently. A creak here, a sound there, it is stretching, warming, opening itself up, welcoming my return.

I walk into the kitchen. The empty baskets on the counter ready to be filled with produce again. I reach up to the copper pots hanging above the counter to wipe a spot of dust. The pots are clanging together, creating a melody of lived in sounds. I raise the blinds, letting the sun stream in, lights and shadows interplay, inside and outside merge, almost becoming one.

Soon the dust is wiped clean, fallen leaves taken outside, the baskets on the countertop filled with fruits and vegetables. A soup is gently simmering on the stove, its fragrance floating, permeating the air, promising dinner. The furnace is humming again, the hardwood floor sounds under my feet, acknowledging my presence. The sounds of both of us return, my house and I working and living together in harmony, creating a home.

I love coming home.


Copper pots in my kitchen/ image by Dr. Justin Honce


A pitcher collection


White dishes


Lemons in a basket on the counter

Breakfast pastries in the kitchen / image by Dr. Justin Honce


  • Annie Fitzsimmons says:

    Dina – this post is so beautiful! Thanks for linking to it. Is this the home that you lost? I’m still so sad for you. I hope you have created a similar feeling in your new home.

    • Dina says:

      Hi Annie, so nice to hear from you and thank you for posting my comment. I could so relate to your post about how you love your home. Yes, this was the home we lost to fire. We have since moved to Kelowna, where my gals and I met you at Mission Hill, and George and I created a beautiful home, a rooftop penthouse this time with a rooftop garden. Not country living, but still, a special and beautiful home. There is a lot going on in the Okanagan, you should come back and write about it. XO.

  • Mary B says:

    Dina, I just found your blog. I love your words and recipes. The pictures are amazing. It sounds like you have a wonderful life. One that I can only dream of. Your house looks like something I would love to come home to. Thanks

    • Dina says:

      Mary, thank you so much for visiting and for the lovely sentiment you expressed. I love beautiful settings and tried to create them for our family but you know how it is in life, it’s our relationship with people that count the most and provide meaning in our lives. Stay in touch.

  • alex says:

    Love the photos.

  • Susana says:

    Your house is my dream home, has been since the first day I stepped foot in it. I’ve been dropping the hint to George that perhaps he would like to “will” it to me one day….the look on his face suggests otherwise! My fellow Aquarius, I am in awe of every facet of your creativity, your incredible cooking, photos, this blog, your style, congratulations, you’ve done an incredible job. I’m so proud of you.

    • Dina says:

      Ohhhh, Susana, thanks for reading this particular post. It’s my favourite. I know you love this house. We are so much alike, no wonder you like it. I love your new kitchen and hopefully it will entice you to go in and cook:) I am sure Natasha loves it. As to George willing this house, this means he won’t be “here”. He doesn’t think in those terms, the eternal optimist that he is. See you tomorrow.

  • J says:

    I love home : ) I miss it all the time! Those fruit pitchers are lovely! Can’t wait for a visit.

  • Dori mezzarobba says:

    Your home is truly beautiful, it definitely reflects your personality. The contrast of textiles from your large stone fireplace, warm wooden floors and elegant furniture display the collectibles you’ve acquired over your stay there. Youir kitchen is a haven for foodies, with all the sparkling, hanging copperware, the abundance of dishes, decorative items and of course, the star chef! Your family has been blessed with your love of home, cooking and entertaining.