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Riesling poached pears with spun sugar

April 11, 2016

Poached pears are a classic desserts and I have posted recipes for poached pears here before.  In that recipe I poached them in red wine and they were beautiful. Poached pears was also one of the desserts I found on almost all of the menus in Italy recently and I got to indulge myself in this lovely finale to many great dinners. The other day I found little honey belle pears at our local produce... View Article

Cream puffs with lemon cream and caramel

April 5, 2016

I have been on a roll since the weekend making pate a choux, or cream puff dough. I am trying to pipe the perfect eclairs but something is going on because they come out of the oven nice and puffed but not perfect, some cracked on top, others a bit lopsided and overall rather annoying. I am persistent though so I will keep trying. While I pipe the elusive eclairs I always make a few... View Article

Spun Sugar

September 22, 2012

Spun sugar looks so impressive and is really quite simple to make. Granted, it’s a bit messy but I have organized a system that works for me so I don’t hesitate to make it regularly for garnishing desserts. Spun sugar is made from sugar, water and corn syrup that are allowed to boil to a caramel. The caramel reaches a certain stage in which long thin strand of  “angel hair” drop when you dip a... View Article