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Soba noodles with two sauces

May 12, 2016

I usually have a package or two of soba noodles in the pantry to whip up an Asian flavoured lunch now and then. These are Japanese noodles made from buckwheat flour and are not very thick, similar to spaghettini. They can be used with either hot or colds sauces and are  quite versatile. Soba noodles do not cook al dente like a regular pasta so be careful not to overcook them or they will become... View Article

Making Susur Lee Singapore Slaw at home

April 20, 2016

Whenever we are in Toronto I make sure we go to Chef Susur Lee’s restaurant Lee on King street and we always order his unique signature dish: Singaporean Slaw with Salted Apricot dressing. This is not an ordinary slaw, far from it. It is a 19 ingredients tall mound of fresh julienned vegetables, on a bed of fried rice noodles, sprinkled with herbs, fried shallots, pickled red onion, pickled ginger, tomatoes, sesame seeds, toasted peanuts... View Article

Garden sushi rolls

April 19, 2016

For some reason I was craving sushi the other day and we went to a local Japanese restaurant to have some. I was discussing the vegetarian options with the server and she suggested a vegetarian bento box that would contain “a nice balance of different items”. Well, perhaps it did but I didn’t get my fill of sushi, with all the tempura, so called salad, more rice and whatnot included in the box. I have... View Article

Thai coconut-vegetables soup with brown rice

March 24, 2016

Thai cuisine is one of my favourites after everything Mediterranean. I don’t have a large repertoire in Thai dishes and the few things I make are simple and we tend to enjoy them now and then. This is a simple soup with abundance of fresh vegetables suspended in a lime flavoured coconut broth. you can serve it on its own or spoon it over brown rice in a soup bowl. Top it with Thai basil,... View Article

Radish salad rolls

March 10, 2016

These were inspired by an image I saw somewhere on the web a few days ago. Of course trying to find it the second time is impossible with so much going on the net. They were beautiful and colourful and stuck in my mind. The other day I was slicing a bunch of colourful radishes for a salad and remembered the image, so changed course and made a few salad rolls for lunch. If you... View Article

Asian salad rolls and lettuce wraps

September 25, 2015

I am alone at home for the week but that doesn’t keep me away from the kitchen. Sometime in my evolution as a wife and a mother I fell in love with cooking and begun an affair with my kitchen. I was lucky to have a wonderful, warm and comfortable kitchen at Trail’s End (our previous home) where I could acquire culinary skills, express my artistic abilities and develop a style of my own. As in... View Article

Spring radishes salad rolls

April 17, 2015

I was organizing my pantry the other day, determined to simplify and use what’s there. I am not a “shopping list” shopper and inevitable my pantry gets filled with stuff that excites me one moment and then languishes on the shelves, forgotten. One of these items was a bottle of Asian dipping sauce that looked enticing so I thought I’d make a few salad rolls to use the sauce with. They are always fun and... View Article

Asparagus with Soy caramel – from Mollie Katzen Heart of the Plate

March 31, 2015

Once in a while I like cooking with Asian flavours and asparagus lends itself beautifully to Asian flavour profile. One of my favourite recipes was from Barbara Tropp’s book, it was either China Moon or The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking. I no longer have either of these books and a quick peek on Amazon shows they are selling for almost $200 each, likely because they are long out of print. Of course I had... View Article

Mango salad rolls with chili-lime dipping sauce

November 24, 2014

Did I mentioned that I tend to get “stuck” on a few things and make them over and over for a while until I move on to something else? these salad rolls are a good example. I love eating them and love making them so here they are again. I vary the filling and the dipping sauce according to what I have on hand. Today I had mangos, arugula and pumpkin seeds (where did I... View Article

Vegetable Salad Rolls with Asian dipping sauce

November 6, 2014

I was travelling for several weeks recently eating at restaurants every day. As good as (some) restaurant food can be, I came home craving homemade fresh and simple food. I had good experience on these trips with Asian vegan food and came home excited and enthusiastic to make some at home. I have already made a couple of dishes that were blog worthy but had no opportunity to photograph them as I served them before... View Article

Thai cucumber salad

June 29, 2014

This salad is to go with the previous post of Thai Coconut Curry. It adds fresh and crisp texture and flavour to the cooked vegetables and rice. Adding more chopped lettuce would make it a little more substantial. I prefer to cut the cucumbers into diagonal wedges instead of slicing them into thin rounds. You can add other crisp vegetables, such a radishes or even a couple of cherry tomatoes for colour and another layer... View Article

Thai coconut curry with spring vegetables

June 29, 2014

Summer is slow to come here in Kelowna this season. Rain and cloudy skies greet us most mornings. I happen to love rain, the way the air feels, the sound of the raindrops falling and how green and bright everything looks against the grey backdrop of rain clouds. Something romantic, nostalgic, exciting and calming all at once. Leave it to nature to create the perfect harmony. If it’s windy my husband goes to “the other... View Article