Rose, Citrus and Cinnamon Tisane

January 28, 2020 Published by Dina

Rose, cinnamon and citrus tisane

When we were is Spain travelling for a few months I kept asking for camomile tea and could not understand why I was getting such strange response from the waiters. Eventually we were at a small bar one afternoon and I ask for ….camomile tea. Oh well, not so fast. The waiter sternly advised that I can have either camomile OR tea. I immediately understood his point. Camomile is a tisane, a beverage made with herb and spices, not with tea leaves, hence, it’s not a tea.

At home I often make a tisane with herbs from my garden, my favourite being sage, thyme and mint. I simply steep the rinsed herbs in hot water for a few minutes and enjoy with a bit of lemon and honey or with nothing at all.

I made this rose, citrus and cinnamon tisane for an image I am sybmitting to an online food photo challenge under the category “in the glass”. I tried to capture the pouring of the water in a slow exposure. You be the judge if it a successful image.

To make the tea simply combine edible dried rose buds or leaves, dried citrus peel, fresh lemon slices, a couple of cinnamon sticks and a bit of honey. You can steep them in a pot and strain into a glss. for the purpose of the picture I left it in the glass.

Rose, citrus and cinnamon tisane
Mint tisane and sage tisane with lemon and honey


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