Goodbye to a friend: Marilyn Cameron. Those were the days, my lovely friend, we thought they’d never, ever end.

December 17, 2015 Published by Dina 10 Comments

Marilyn and Randy. It is hard to think of one without the other. It is with great sadness that we are saying goodbye to a special friend, one so full of life and love and laughter, Marilyn Cameron.

I remember meeting her for the first time at the kid’s school. As she tells it I was sitting in my car with my feet on the dashboard waiting to pick up the kids and she knocked on the window asking “are you Dina? I am Marilyn”. I instantly knew who she was. I have heard so much about Marilyn Boyko (her maiden name) as she grew up with my husband in Winnipeg.

We connected immediately and remained friends until the end.

Marilyn knew how to be a friend. She knew how to listen, how to share of herself and how to have fun. More than anyone else, Marilyn had the ability to enjoy the moment. Whether it was sitting in the sun in her back yard, swimming in the chilly waters of the Okanagan lake or dining at a beautiful winery, she ENJOYED it to the fullest. She had FUN.

Marilyn thrived on being surrounded by friends and family. She had a gift in her ability to connect with people of every age or walk of life. She and Randy entertained often and with generosity and we treasured evenings spent at their home with good food, good music and great conversations. They were also the perfect guests and I loved having them over for dinner. They were interesting, interested, knew how to enjoy, participate and appreciate. I will miss that terribly.

I will never forget my friend Marilyn. As she used to sing, Marilyn had sunshine in her soul and that sunshine can never be extinguished. She will live in my memories and I will always see her in her children. Each of them carry some of Marilyn in them.




  • Clay Stanwick says:

    Dina thank you for those wonderful words about a woman who knew what it mean’t to be a friend. She had so many friends because of the kind of person she was. Marilyn will always hold special memories for Annette and I. Her and Randy interacted with Annette and I since 1971 in Winnipeg and they have been special friends as we both moved back and forth from Alberta to Ontario and back again. We loved how she loved her animals as well as her friends and family.
    What a privilege it is to have had her as a friend.

    • Dina says:

      Clay, so nice of you to post a comment here. You have captured her spirit exactly. I know that you and Annette had a long standing friendship with Marilyn that was very meaningful to her. I always thought you had a special connection. So sad to let her go.

  • leeann andersen says:

    I remember all those precious times we spent together, Marlilyn loved big and truly embraced life. She will be missed. Sending love to Randy and her loving children. She was an amazing mom and woman. xoxo LeeAnn

    • Dina says:

      LeeAnn, she really did embrace life. I was always amazed at her capacity to enjoy. It is so sad that we lost such a special friend.

  • April Gustavsen says:

    As always Dina you can capture in words and paint for us a beautiful picture. I can see Marilyn just as you have described her, so many beautiful memories. She was a special lady. My girl Lacey loved singing. When Marilyn decided to organize a children’s choir at Mountain View Lacey begged to join, she was just about 5. I knew that although Lacey loved listening to singing, singing was not her “gift”. Marilyn was kind and not put off with Lacey’s lack of ability. She would say, “I love Lacey’s enthusiasm, we will get that girl singing on tune!” Marilyn of course, with much patience and tact did get Lacey singing on tune. Lacey, at nearly 25, still loves music and is always thankful she can carry a tune.

    I know you have many wonderful memories of Marilyn, Dina. This is going to be a very difficult time not only for her family but for her dear friends like you. You are in my thoughts xoxo

    • Dina says:

      April, thank you for the comment, always good to hear from you. You know, the way you describe Marilyn with Lacey is just the way Marilyn was. Accepting and including. I feel deeply for her family, she was such a pillar in that household. All of them have been amazing throughout this ordeal and Randy showed incredible strength. I just wish them peace after this.

  • Mandy says:

    What true and beautiful words about my mother and our friend. Not one day will pass without thinking of her. Thank you Dina for being a support to our family and a true friend to our “Mare”

  • I want to express my condolences for the loss of your friend. And I’m not sure if I’ve expressed this before – but I didn’t know your husband was from Winnipeg! I lived there for 9 years and still love it. All my love, Ksenia.

    • Dina says:

      Hi Ksenia, thank you for the comment. It is sad to lose a woman like Marilyn. She will be missed. My husband grew up with Marilyn in Winnipeg and lived there when he was young. In all my travels, I have not been there yet. I’s “on the list”. Thanks again for dropping by. I have been a bit out of touch as we are travelling in Italy for a few months. XOXO.

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