Red and yellow tomato salad (panzanella)

April 25, 2015 Published by Dina 2 Comments

Not quite summer yet but these tomatoes were nice and sweet wherever they came from so I made a simple and naturally flavoured panzanella style salad. I am going to Italy, remember, so I am beginning to immerse myself in all things Italian.

I kept it very simple letting the softness of the tomatoes and crunchy croutons play their part creating texture and the tangy juices of tomatoes mixed with the fruity olive oil and sea salt do their thing for flavouring. No vinegar added. I didn’t have basil so I used parsley.

Today it’s herb planting day. It’s finally beautiful and warm and I can work outside. Going across the lake to check out the nursery and see what they have for a kitchen garden. May pick up a few perennials to start the season as well. It makes such a difference when the nana doors can be pushed open, inside and outside merge, becoming one, fragrances from the rooftop garden waft in and a fresh breeze from the lake caresses you with it’s gentle touch.




2 yellow or orange  tomatoes

6 campari style smaller tomatoes or whatever good ones you can find

1/4 small red onion, sliced

Coarse sea salt

Parsley or a few leave basil

1-2 tablespoon olive oil

Sea salt.

2 cups bread cubes made from day old baguette

2 tablespoons olive oil




Cut the yellow tomatoes into wedges or slices.

Cut the campari tomatoes into halves or quarters.

Combine tomatoes, onion, salt and olive oil in a bowl and mix gently. Let macerate while you prepare the croutons.

Heat up oil in a skillet, add the bread cubes and cook, shaking the skillet  now and then until the bread is golden. Careful not to let it burn.

When the bread is ready add it to the tomatoes and mix gently to combine everything.

Add parsley or basil and spoon into serving dishes.

Serve with additional olive oil and salt.


Red and yellow tomato salad (panzanilla)

Red and yellow tomato salad (panzanilla)



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