Sex in a Glass (Dulce de Leche Iced Espresso)

June 29, 2012 Published by Dina

Flying to Kelwona from Calgary on Thursday I was visualizing us sitting on the rooftop patio of our local abode, scanning the scene and sipping a wonderful iced drink. Although of course I have more than enough glassware I still had to stop on the way from the airport  at my favourite store in Kelowna for dishes and accessories for entertaining, Modern Accents on Bernard, to check out their current collection of glassware for serving and photographing ice coffees. The power of addiction, don’t tell anyone. I am a bit of an iced coffee “connoisseur”. I make these icy concoctions often throughout the summer, try them at restaurants and even, if circumstances permit, instruct friendly kitchen staff in how to prepare one for me if it is not on the menu. I have several different ways of making iced coffee, all variations on a theme and tend to include strong coffee or espresso, cream, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate shavings, dark or white. Sometimes I make it sweet, other times not too sweet, all depending on the occasion. This recipe is one of my favourites and is so lush and satisfying that I had to give it a special name. I was speaking to a fellow blogger Jo ( and she told me about her runaway success with a recipe called sex in the pan. I have a similar recipe for a dessert called better than sex that has been in circulation for a long time. Talking to Jo however gave me the idea for the perfect name for this iced coffee and I named it Sex in a Glass. You get the idea. Enough said. To make it I first prepare a caramel to which I add cream and then pour it into strong, cool espresso or coffee. Ohhhhh. I keep this mixture in a glass pitcher in the fridge ready to be made into an iced drink at a moment’s notice. I am adding this recipe to the pool of iced coffee drinks out there. Sex in a Glass. Serve it in leu of next time you have a headache:). I hope you enjoy.


Espresso mixture:

3 tablespoons instant espresso

3 cups boiling water

1 cup melted (room temperature)  Haagen Daaz dulce de leche ice cream


Caramel-Cream mixture:

1 cup sugar

14/ cup water

1 cup cream



Dulce de Leche ice cream (or vanilla)

1 cup cream whipped with 1 tablespoon sugar

Chocolate shavings or caramel syrup


To make the espresso mixture bring water to a boil and then pour it over the espresso and sugar. Set aside to cool. When cooled add the melted ice cream

For the caramel-cream: Place sugar and water in a 2 quart pot with a glass lid. Cover and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Do not remove lid or stir the sugar mixture or it will begin to crystallize. The glass lid is a convenient way of watching the sugar so you know when it changes colour as well as keeping the steam inside and preventing crystallization.

When the sugar begins to look caramelized watch it carefully and remove from heat when it reaches deep amber colour. Be very careful as the sugar is extremely hot and also watch that it doesn’t burn. It can go from amber to burnt very quickly.

Immediately off the heat pour the one cup cream into the caramel. The caramel will stiffen, sizzle and splatter so be careful. Return to a medium heat and cook until the caramel melts together with the cream.

Pour the caramel cream into the coffee and refrigerate until cold.

To assemble:

Fill a glass with ice, scoop two ice cream scoops into each glass.

Pour the iced espresso cream over and top with sweetened whipped cream.

Garnish with chocolate shavings and serve chilled.

Extra ideas: the simplest of iced coffees can be made by making a strong coffee or espresso (try 4 cups) and mixing it with room temperature ice cream (2 cups, melted). Pour this over ice and don’t look back.

Sex in a glass
Sex in a glass, dulce de leche iced espresso
Sex-in-a-Glass (Dulce de leche iced espresso)