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Lunch a trois: captain, passenger and Isa Lei (and a green wrap recipe)

July 9, 2014

You must have heard me write before about the “other woman”. She is a fourty somethin’ year old beauty with soft curves and a strong built that takes to the water like I take to the kitchen. Her name is Isa Lei and yes, you know that she is a sailboat. My husband just loves this craft and lovingly works to restore her beauty. I don’t begrudge his attachment, this is what he always dreamed... View Article

Piadinas (Italian wraps)

April 2, 2012

These are fun and so easy to prepare. The dough is unleavened (no yeast) and quite sturdy. I start it in the food processor and finish by hand. You need to roll the dough very thinly but don’t worry, it’s a very easy dough to work with, it doesn’t tear and doesn’t fall apart. I use the piadina rounds to wrap around different fillings. Any sandwich filling would do. If you make the piadinas ahead... View Article