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Pavlova under a meringue cloche

November 18, 2017

The idea for this meringue came from my all-time favourite cooking show: Masterchef Australia. I have watched two seasons (more than 60 episodes per season) and to my great frustration instead of continuing with the following season they are replaying the last one. How annoying can they be? I feel like writing to complain (can’t watch it online). I love the Australian show for many reasons and learned a lot watching these amazing young contestants... View Article

Meringue with lemon whipped cream and berries

April 17, 2015

Every now and then I get the urge to make meringue. Sometime it’s successful, other times not so much. Maybe it’s the weather (meringue does not like humidity), the oven temperature (it likes low heat) or how i beat in the sugar (wait until soft peaks, then add sugar 1 spoonful at a time). Yesterday I had egg whites in the fridge let over from a dessert I made on the weekend, so I thought... View Article