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Mini zucchini “pizza” bites

August 18, 2016

The larger zucchini that have grown to a considerable diameter can be used for many things, one being a base for mini “pizza” rounds. This is kind of fun as an appetizer and if you use prepared toppings, it’s not that much work to prepare. I had small jars of pizza sauce and artichoke pesto from William Sonoma that I needed to use and were perfect for this little recipe. You can get more creative... View Article

Fig and gorgonzola flatbread

September 3, 2015

I can never resists fresh, ripe figs when I see them. More often than not I enjoy them fresh on their own but I also make a few things with them. They are nice roasted and served with salted orange caramel, added to salad or on top of a pizza. One thing to keep in mind about figs is that unlike other fruits, they don’t ripen sitting on your counter. They have to be picked... View Article

Summer dips: Roasted eggplant with tahini

August 20, 2015

I have taken to entertain friends for a glass of wine and appetizers instead of long, multi course dinners. It gives me a chance to visit rather than be up and down preparing, plating, serving and clearing. Not that dinner entertaining is over, but now when the weather is good it’s easy to say “come for a glass of wine”. So far no one filed any complaints. Since I keep my kitchen mainly vegetarian I... View Article

Steam fried baby artichokes with lemon-chive aioli

August 12, 2015

One of the local organic farms here grow lovely baby artichokes and whenever I go there I clean up their daily harvest of these little gems. Today I thought I’d cook them to a golden crispiness in olive oil, although I forgot about grilling them, that would have been good as well. So many options, so little time. Trimming a full grown artichoke is a bit of an undertaking but well worth it. The little... View Article

Sandwich cookies with raspberry jam and lemon curd

April 27, 2015

Here is what I do late at night when I get the urge to get into the kitchen: bake cookies. Actually, not completely true. Here is “a day in the life” of yours truly. I made the dough in the morning but couldn’t bake it right away because we went to see an incredible ballet performance of Swan Lake by the Royal Ballet from London, broadcasted to over 1000 theatres worldwide. The phenomenal performance of... View Article

Easy cheese sticks – and foodie films

March 8, 2015

I have been searching out movies that have food as part of their theme to watch now that I am done binge watching season 3 of House of Cards. There is a significant number of food movies out there, some well known, other more obscure. Here is my starter list of foodie films. If you know of or have a favourite food movie please pass on the name in a comment to this post: Chocolate... View Article