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Parmesan Fries

September 13, 2012

Call them French fries, pommes frites, freedom fries, chips, patatas fritas or oven fries, who doesn’t like them one way or another. Granted, whether long or short,  some like them matchstick-thin and crispy, other like them thick cut, crispy on the outside and soft inside. I like them any way they come and tend to make them at home every now and then. Today I was in the mood so I made some oven fries... View Article

Patio Snacks: Home Fries, Crudités and Mint Lemonade

July 2, 2012

On the flight to Kelowna this weekend I was of course thinking about what I may be cooking in the next few days. Kelowna is wonderful for fresh seasonal produce. There are farm-direct produce, a good size farmers market on Wednesdays and weekends with excellent local produce and countless fruit stands everywhere. Heaven for vegetarian cooks. As it happened we were invited out every day so I didn’t get to do as much cooking as... View Article