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Matcha cake with matcha buttercream

July 16, 2017

Matcha became trendy a few years ago as a drink and soon found its way into modern cooking. Matcha is green tea leaves ground to a powder and there is a ceremonial ritual to follow when making an authentic version of the drink. When it comes to cooking with it matcha has a sweet, slightly smoky and nutty quality and a lovely green colour. You control the shade of green by the amount of matcha... View Article

Cream puffs with lemon cream filling, caramel glaze and a surprise vanilla sauce

May 17, 2017

I have been experimenting with eclairs lately and although they are good enough (delicious, really) to eat they are not good enough to photograph and post quite yet. I am trying to bake them so they are perfectly smooth on the on top with no cracks, and decorate them with a glaze in a smooth symmetrical fashion. So far, no cigar. However, with every batch of eclairs I make a few small cream puffs that... View Article

Cream puffs with lemon cream and caramel

April 5, 2016

I have been on a roll since the weekend making pate a choux, or cream puff dough. I am trying to pipe the perfect eclairs but something is going on because they come out of the oven nice and puffed but not perfect, some cracked on top, others a bit lopsided and overall rather annoying. I am persistent though so I will keep trying. While I pipe the elusive eclairs I always make a few... View Article

Meringue with lemon whipped cream and berries

April 17, 2015

Every now and then I get the urge to make meringue. Sometime it’s successful, other times not so much. Maybe it’s the weather (meringue does not like humidity), the oven temperature (it likes low heat) or how i beat in the sugar (wait until soft peaks, then add sugar 1 spoonful at a time). Yesterday I had egg whites in the fridge let over from a dessert I made on the weekend, so I thought... View Article