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Apple roses tart with thyme

July 9, 2016

If I have to choose between chocolate cake or apple tart, it will be apple tart (almost) every time. I apologize to all you chocolate lovers out there especially because I know all too well that sometimes only a chocolate will do, but the tart and sweet flavours of apple desserts win me over, especially when combined with a buttery, flakey pastry. I jumped on the apple roses bandwagon a while back, but it doesn’t... View Article

Lemon curd tarts with berries

June 25, 2015

These tarts just sing of summer flavours: buttery pastry, tangy lemon and sweet berries. You can make them in individual tart moulds or in a larger one and cut in wedges, either way they are a lovely, light and summary dessert. I have already posted the recipe for the lemon curd so I will not repeat it here but will provide instructions for making and baking the pastry and assembling the tarts. When I make... View Article

Plum tarts

September 9, 2014

Something to do with late summer stone fruits. Buttery crust envelopes a creamy custard and sweet and tangy ripe plums. What can be wrong about it? For interest sake I balanced the sweetness of the plums with a few herbs from the garden. Their presence is very subtle and add an interest to the layers of flavours. Enjoy.           Ingredients:   Tart Pastry: 1 3/4 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt... View Article

Cherry Tarts

July 11, 2012

Cherry pie and tart filling is usually made with sour cherries. Sour cherries are only available for a short time in the early spring. Honestly, I seldom find sour cherries in our markets up here so I am making these tarts with regular cherries. If you do have sour cherries maybe adjust the amount of sugar you are using, you may need a little more. Otherwise I think things should work the same. Making individual... View Article