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Cherry Compote

July 16, 2014

I have had cherry compote on at least three occasions in the last week or so. One was at a picnic at Ancient Hills winery catered by Basket Case Picnics who served it over a melt-in-the-middle mini chocolate cakes. The next was served over ice cream and the third was spooned over a frozen cheesecake at Blackhills Estate Winery (their restaurant is operated by the top notch catering company Joy Road Catering). This last one... View Article

Golden Cherries Calfoutis

August 10, 2012

Golden Cherries Calfoutis Here is a delicious dessert to make with the abundance of cherries in the market right now: cherry calfoutis. French in origin this simple dessert is traditionally baked with red cherries that still have the pits in them. The pits impart a nutty, slightly bitter flavour to this dessert that makes it quite special. However, I make it with pitted cherries and in this recipe used golden cherries rather than the traditional... View Article

Cherry Tarts

July 11, 2012

Cherry pie and tart filling is usually made with sour cherries. Sour cherries are only available for a short time in the early spring. Honestly, I seldom find sour cherries in our markets up here so I am making these tarts with regular cherries. If you do have sour cherries maybe adjust the amount of sugar you are using, you may need a little more. Otherwise I think things should work the same. Making individual... View Article