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Beans for burritos

September 21, 2016

My sister-in-law Barbara gave me this bean recipe for burritos she makes weekly for her family. She in turn received the recipe from another close friend, Nadine, and the two of them have been making it for years. I am not sure where the recipe originated, but I heard that someone’s mother passed it along. Both gals make this in a pressure cooker and I have been following their method, but I have also tried... View Article

Lunch a trois: captain, passenger and Isa Lei (and a green wrap recipe)

July 9, 2014

You must have heard me write before about the “other woman”. She is a fourty somethin’ year old beauty with soft curves and a strong built that takes to the water like I take to the kitchen. Her name is Isa Lei and yes, you know that she is a sailboat. My husband just loves this craft and lovingly works to restore her beauty. I don’t begrudge his attachment, this is what he always dreamed... View Article

Burritos with Potatoes, Roasted Poblanos and Beans (vegan)

September 28, 2012

Burritos are such a nice food to prepare. You can make so many different fillings and simply wrap them in small or large flour tortillas and voila, lunch or dinner is ready. You don’t even need a salad because the greens can form part of the filling. These burritos are quite satisfying, with sautéed potatoes forming the main part of the filling. I make this dish dairy free and you can even make it fat... View Article