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Cauliflower “rice” with barley and shaved brussels sprouts

November 1, 2016

I wonder who was the cook who first came up with the idea of cauliflower “rice”. Since they “invented” it, the concept has spread like wildfire in kitchens around the world and for good reasons. It’s a simple and delicious way to serve cauliflower and can easily replace rice if you are a no-carb person, which, let me clarify, I AM NOT. I love carbs. I prefer to chop the cauli in a food processor... View Article

Roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts and onions

October 29, 2015

Brussels sprouts begin to appear in the market at the end of the season, still clinging to their long thick stalks. It’s a thing of beauty and although I know not everyone likes them, I can’t resist them, they are so delicious. they are also pretty versatile and can be used raw in salads thinly sliced or with their leaves peeled pulled apart. They can be sautéed in butter or oil and served with lemon... View Article

(Not) another kale and brussels sprouts salad

March 23, 2015

If there was one food trend in recent history that can be called the trend of the century it must be kale. I have already waxed poetic about it before so I won’t make you listen again but that’s my opinion and I am sticking to it. Kale just won’t go away, and it shouldn’t. Kale salads are now de rigueur on restaurant menus and some are quite appealing. It is a good mixer but... View Article

Roasted Red Grapes and Brussels Sprouts

October 20, 2013

People for some reason have a love-hate relations with brussels sprouts. They either love them or hate them. I was asked by a hostess recently to bring vegetables to a pot luck dinner and was told in no uncertain terms Not to bring brussels sprouts. Why is it I wonder that such a lovely veggie is so maligned. They are beautiful to look at, have significant health benefits, are easy to cook and at least... View Article