Kitchen Gear

Mandolin style slicer

Mandoline slicer


Unless you are proficient with a very sharp knife, a mandolin is and indispensable tool in your kitchen. It slices vegetables into even thickness slices with ease and efficiency. Some of the models also have grating bladed etc. The original mandolin is a French contraption that was quite cumbersome. Today they have this convenient gadget in a variety of styles to suit both your kitchen needs and budget. Find them in any kitchenware store.

Hand held slicer



Here is another, simpler, version of a slicer that works quite well for small jobs. There are no separate blades to attach and it is easy to wash.

 Hand held grater


This gadget will grate vegetables on a double grater blades system. It works quite well and I use it often to grate small quantities of vegetables for salads or vegetable dishes.



Cut Resistant gloves


If you use any of these gadgets it is a good idea to protect your hands with cut resistant gloves. These come in a variety of materials, from leather palm to stainless steel to other blends and materials that protect your hands from occasional slip.



Vegetable curler


The vegetable curler is a nice little extra to have in the kitchen if you are into food presentation. It allows for a little creativity by cutting vegetables and some fruits into long continuous ribbons. I use it with beets, carrots and other hard fruit and vegetables and add them to salads or other presentations.



Gnocchi board


If you make homemade gnocchi this little board is indispensable. It makes it easy to roll the gnocchi pillows over to create the traditional ridging that help sauce get caught in the ridges. Find it in any Italian or kitchen shops.



Vegetable brush


This seems simple but a vegetable brush is an essential kitchen tool for scrubbing clean potatoes, mushrooms and the likes. Get one that can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.



Kitchen Tongs

Kitchen tongs are a must in any Kitchen and to my surprise, not many people use them. I assure you that once you start you would wonder why you haven’t been using them sooner. They are good for tossing vegetables, turning foods in a skillet, scooping out pasta strands and fishing out herb bouquets and bay leaves from a soup. I have them in different sizes, from small to medium to large.