Asparagus, Morels, Morel sauce, Poached Egg

May 28, 2024 Published by Dina

Local spring asparagus, locally foraged morel mushrooms, soft poached egg, morel cream sauce. 

I was so excited yesterday at our farmers market to see Scott Moran @kelownaforagerwith piles of fresh morels and bagfuls of lamb’s quarter lettuce, all foraged in the hills and mountains of B.C. 

I wanted to prepare them the simplest way possible because everything was so fresh and beautiful. 

To prepare:

Steam the asparagus until crisp tender.

Wash the morels to remove any debris that clink to them. I like to open the stem end so I can see inside and make sure the cavity is clean. I prefer to use them whole but feel free to cut them in half vertically. 

I first cook the morels in stock over medium heat, letting them cook and the stock to reduce. Add stock as necessary and cook for about 15 min. When the sauce is nicely reduced and the morels are cooked add about 1/2 c cream or as needed and juice of a small lemon, season with S&P and continue cooking until a creamy sauce is formed. 

Plate the asparagus.
Top with morels.
Spoon sauce over.
Top with poached egg.

How to poach an egg:

Break the egg carefully into a small strainer set over a bowl. Let the runny part of the eggwhite drain for a minute then discard and place the egg in the small bowl. Bring a small pot of water to a boil, reduce heat to barely a simmer. Add Tbs of white vinegar. Use a whisk to create a whirlpool and slide the egg into the center of it. The whites should wrap themselves around the yolk and not float all over the place. Cook for 3 minutes (set timer). While the egg is cooking pour ice and ice water into a small bowl. When time is up for the egg remove it gently with a small strainer and lower into the ice water to stop the cooking. You can do this ahead. To reheat lower the eggs into lightly simmering water for a few seconds to warm up.

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