Japanese watermelon raddish salad

March 22, 2024 Published by Dina

Morning. Still trying to get over the Japan trip jet lag. If I comment on your post at 2:00 am you know why.

So I bought a Japanese cookbook by @cheftimanderson and I am having fun with it. The book is called #yourhomeizakayaand has wonderful, accessible recipes. I have marked quite a few to make. 

This beautiful pink salad is grated watermelon radish with a sweet and salty dressing and nori shreds on top. I find it very versatile even as topping and filling for various sushi shapes, will post my sushi adventures next. 

I adapted the recipe to plant based (no shirasu baby anchovies) and I didn’t have watercress so used arugula. Still delicious. I recommend the book.

Izakaya by the way is a Japanese “pub” serving drinks with small courses of food (or bigger). They are all over Japan and are now popping up in the west, including in our little town Kelowna.

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