Grilled chocolate sandwiches

November 15, 2019 Published by Dina



Who said it always has to be cheese? Crusty on the outside, warm and melty inside and beautifully bitter-sweet, these chocolate creations are easy to make and so good you will not stop at one. I make them on sourdough bread or baguette, not on a regular sandwich bread. The crispy, crusty grilled exterior is too delicious with the melted gooey chocolate inside.

No recipe is needed as this much like making a grilled cheese sandwich, only with chocolate.

Use best quality dark chocolate and chop it if it’s too thick.

Butter the bread on both sides.

Cover the bottom slice with chocolate and place the other slice on top.

Grill these in a panini maker. If you don’t have one (you should) grill on a ridged or cast iron skillet.

Grill until nice grill marks are showing on the outside, the chocolate has melted and oozes slightly.

Cut into halves and eat warm.





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