Summer tomatoes with grilled sourdough

September 4, 2019 Published by Dina


There is nothing like a good ripe tomato in the summer. Not much needs to be done to it other then slice and place on top of a delicious slice of grilled bread, perhaps with a drizzle of olive oil, special sea salt and a twist or two of black pepper.

Sometimes I brush the grilled bread lightly with a pesto, made with either basil or my garden sage that it threatening to take over a patch beside the hydrangeas. A sage pesto is a good solution for that.

I often make a lunch out of grilled bread, slices tomatoes, summer cucs with sea salt and a pesto, or perhaps a homemade hung yogurt cheese if I feel like it. It looks as beautiful as it taste.

Enjoy and be inspired.



Beautiful, ripe tomatoes, preferably organic and heirloom

Sourdough bread

Olive oil

Maldon salt or another special sea salt

Optional, if you must:

  • Freshly made pesto (recipe for sage pesto in the next post)
  • Garden fresh arugula
  • Dukkah or sesame seeds


Slice the tomatoes into thick slices.

Slice the sourdough bread and brush one or both sides with olive oil.

Grill the bread in a panini maker or on a grill. Alternatively, toast the bread lightly (it should have some softness in the middle, not completely crisp and dry.

Spread a bit of pesto on the bread, or not.

Top with tomato slices.

Shower with plenty of salt and a little pepper.

To serve as lunch you can place all the ingredients on platters and let the guests assemble their own grilled tomato breads.