Beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts

May 2, 2018 Published by Dina

I find that roasting a few beets (2-3 large ones) is useful as they keep in the fridge for a few days and you can use them to make a soup or salad or serve as a vegetable in various ways.

Today I had two beets, previously roasted, and they were perfect to make a nice little beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts.

I sliced them and then cut into cubes of equal size and all I used for dressing was balsamic crema and a little salt. Balsamic crema is a reduced and thickened balsamic that develop a beautiful sweetness along with mild acidity. You buy it often is squeeze bottles in specialty stores. I always have a few in my kitchen, fig balsamic crema and sherry balsamic crema is what I have right now. Of course you can reduce your own balsamic vinegar to the consistency you like. Whether you buy it or make your own, It goes perfectly with roasted beets.



You may have noticed that most of my posts are travel reporting about our last epic trip to South America. I b=need to finish writing about the trip so I have the information for my travel book. I enjoy creating these books that include all the writing I have done about it along with many photographs. It’s fun to leaf through these beautiful books and remember moments, experiences, foods and places we have been to. So bear with me with the travel posts, I will post some recipes in between.




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