Chilaquiles with salsa verde

January 14, 2017 Published by Dina

As much as I enjoy going out for breakfast at one of the beautiful beach restaurants in this area, once in a while I have to put my cooking skills to use and make something at home other than the routine oatmeal that I usually “have to have”.

Chilaquiles, a classic Mexican breakfast dish, is one of my favourite Mexican style breakfasts. Although it is seemingly a quick dish to make, it is composed of other elements that you need to make in advance in order to execute the chilaquiles quickly for breakfast.

First, you need the sauce, either salsa roja or salsa verde that form the basis for the chilaquiles. You also need the pickled onions for garnish and a little extra salsa on the side is always nice. And if you top it with anything other than eggs, they have to be cooked in advance as well.

Mexican use leftovers to make chilaquiles: leftover salsa and leftover dinner item such as chicken to scatter on top. Queso fresco (cheese) sprinkled on top is a feature garnish.

If you plan ahead you can make the sauces a day or two in advance, pickle a red onion and have the cheese on hand, then making chilaquiles is a quick, easy and a satisfying adventure.

Salsa verde is very easy to make and it is certainly worth making rather than buying it prepare but in your kitchen do what works for you. I have published recipes for both salsa roja and salsa verde recently so check for yourself. Both salsas are wonderful with chilaquiles.

Note on queso fresco: Queso fresco, is an un-aged white cheese with soft and creamy texture and mild flavour. It is widely used in Mexican cuisine. If not available you can substitute with feta although it is more salty and not as creamy.

Buen provecho.


Chilaquiles with salsa verde

Serves 2.


2 cups salsa verde plus water as necessary (recipe here).

2 large handfuls green corn tortilla chips, as authentic as you can find,

2-4 eggs

Pickled onion (recipe here)

4 tablespoons red salsa or Mexican hot sauce of your choice (like Tamazula or Valentina

4 tablespoon crumbled queso fresco


Place the salsa in a large, deep skillet and add just enough water to make a saucy consistency.

Add the salsa chips, stir just a little bit and cover.

Remove from heat and let sit for a couple of minutes while you cook the eggs.

Cook the eggs sunny side up or to your liking.

To assemble:

Scoop the tortillas with some of the sauce and place in two shallow bowls.

Place the eggs on top of the tortillas.

Garnish with pickled onion, crumbled queso fresco and a little red salsa or hot sauce.

Serve immediately.


Chilaquiles with salsa verde



  • Colleen Milne says:

    Your posts have been making me wish I was in Mexico, Dina. Every time I go, the food is so memorable, and your home cooked dishes look so good. I’m thinking tomorrow’s breakfast is going to be chilaquiles. Yum!

    • oliveoilandlemons says:

      Thank you Colleen, I am sure your chilaquiles will be delish as is the rest of your food. You have been making some fabulous looking food. I really noticed a strong Thai-Mex Fusion here this year in restaurant foods. Have to explore it further. Thanks for the comment. Ciao/adios.