Baked apple chips

November 19, 2016 Published by Dina

Of course I love potato chips, who doesn’t, but trying to get away from the salt and fat is sometimes a good idea. For those occasions, you may want to make apple chips, especially now that apples are in season.

These are very easy to make, especially of you have a mandolin to slice the apples with. You are aiming for uniformly thin slices and it’s easiest with a mandolin.

You can if you wish sprinkle the apple slices with a little sugar or cinnamon but it’s not a must, plain is also good.

Bake them at 200ºF oven (no higher) for a couple of hours until they are dry but not brittle, they will continue to dry after baking. I turn them over once during the baking process. I used two baking sheets and placed them both in the oven, switching the trays around once during the baking.

Use any apples you have on hand but crispier apples produce best results. I also used crabapples to make chips, they make cute little rounds with excellent flavour and texture.

Serve on their own, on a cheese platter, in salads etc.

Apple chips


2 apples

Sugar optional


Slice the apples (whole) on a mandolin into thin slices.

Arrange the apple slices on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake in a 200F oven for a couple ogf hours until dry, turning the apples over once in the middle of the cooking.

Keep in airtight container.


Apple chips


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