Anytime kale smoothie

May 2, 2015 Published by Dina

I am not a huge fan pf smoothies but every now and then I feel like making one, and not just for breakfast. It’s a good thing to make when you are cleaning the fridge and have a little bit of this or that left from your last shopping trip (which in my case was probably yesterday). I am not referring to wilted things, those you can throw out. I am talking about good quality veggies that you only have a little left of. These vegetables can make a great soup or you can make a smoothie with some of them. Today I had a bunch of kale, a few apples, a ripe banana and some mint. It was tempting to add a few berries but that would have changed the bright green emerald colour of this smoothie.

To make the smoothie I use my Vitamix blender, it swirls and puree everything to a lovely smooth consistency and even has a smoothie setting that stops when the smoothie is done.

I washed and roughly chopped the kale and added it together with water, chopped apples, a banana, mint leaves and honey. A quick blend and it turned out to be a lovely, refreshing and nutritious smoothie, not too thick, that you can have any time, not just for breakfast.

I had a little difficulty with the images because of reflection on the glass but eventually (e-ven-tu-a-lly) came up with some images I could post.

What say you?




1 bunch kale, tough stems removed

3 cups filtered water

5 fresh mint leaves

2 small sweet apples, core removed, chopped roughly

1 banana

1-2 tablespoons honey




Place he kale and water in a blender and blend for a minute to chop up the kale.

Add the apples, mint, banana and honey and continue blending until smooth.

If it’s too thick add more water. You can add rice, nut or oat milk but it will change the colour.

Skim the foam off the top,  pour into glasses and enjoy.


Kale smoothie

Kale smoothie