Cherry-Berry Smoothie

July 25, 2014 Published by Dina

Since I bought the new Vitamix blender I can’t stop blending things. It does such a good job and creates a wonderful texture. Earlier in the spring before the seasonal berries were in I made smoothies with frozen fruits and ended up with a sorbet, not quite what I intended but good anyway. Now that fruits are in season I use fresh fruits to make various smoothies and they are fresh tasting and refreshing. If you have left over fruit from a fruit plate or a fruit salad, or odds and ends fruits in the fridge that are still good, making a smoothie is a good use of the leftovers.

As the base for the smoothie I add orange juice or sometimes apple juice. I generally make smoothies without dairy, and if I want it a little more creamy I may add a little soy, rice, almond or oat milk. In terms of proportions I have to admit that I seldom measure the ingredients. I tend to fill the blender container with as much fruit as I need, usually about 2-3 cups, cover it with juice and non-dairy milk if I am using it, add a little honey or maple syrup and blend. Pretty informal. It usually makes enough to fill 2 very large glasses with smoothie, or 4 smaller ones.


Okanagan sailing

Okanagan sailing

Today was a real Kelowna summer day here in the Okanagan. It was quite hot. We didn’t feel the heat too much though as we spent the day on the water on friends’ gorgeous brand new condo-like 41 feet sail boat. There was just enough of a breeze to have two sails up and we floated easily down the lake, silently (no motor) and in perfect comfort. Lunch was pasta salad with parsley pesto and leftover fresh vegetables with poblano dip. I even had a few pieces of bundt cake for dessert. Didn’t get to take pictures of the food but will do a repeat and post it as it was a lovely lunch to take on a boat or a picnic.

Lots of food and wine activities coming up this week, ending with a live performance by Tony Bennet at Mission Hill. I think he is 88 but his voice is holding up, amazing. Mission Hill has a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre stage set against the Okanagan lake below, a perfect setting for a summer concert. Another event I am looking forward to is a Joy Road Catering dinner at Painted Rock Winery in Penticton. I recently tasted their Red Icon, a signature Bordeaux blend that was pretty outstanding so I am curious about what else they have to offer. The winery is a beautiful ultra modern structure overlooking Skaha lake so it should be quite an aesthetic experience. There is more but I will report later. There are so many culinary and wine events here in the summer, a foodie can be busy attending events all week long, and my foodie friends and I almost do just that. Add to that dinner out with friends and I wonder when I am going to cook.

Stay tuned for reports on other events, and in the meantime refresh yourself in the morning with a smoothie.

The recipe makes two very large or 4 smaller servings.




1 cup raspberries

1 cup blueberries

1 cup cherries

2 cups orange juice (or use part non-dairy milk)

1 tablespoon maple syrup




Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Add more juice or non-dairy milk as necessary to achieve desired consistency.

Serve chilled.


Very berry smoothie

Very berry smoothie


Okanagan sailing

Okanagan sailing






  • George says:

    People travel all over the world trying to find what we have in Kelowna? No air travel and no strange beds? Let’s enjoy the hand we’re dealt!

    • Dina says:

      Kelowna is beautiful in the summer. I still like to see the world, it is such an education and an eye opener. And it is always good to come home.