Shredded salad: cabbage, radicchio, apple, mint, basil

July 5, 2014 Published by Dina

Traditional coleslaw is a wonderful thing but it’s nice to create some variations. This salad is easy to make and lovely to serve whether you need a large salad for a group or a small salad for two. Quantities can be adjusted, it is “a handful of this” and “a handful of that” type of recipe. The foundation is the cabbage and you add whatever inspire you. I happen to love radicchio and the slightly bitter element it adds. I came across a NYT article by Barbra Kafka, written back in 1988 (yes, the world existed even then). Now that’s a piece of history that the internet makes available at the click of a key. I thought you may find it interesting. When she wrote the article radicchio was rare and exotic. It has since become a vegetable that most are familiar with but I think few use it in ways other than simply shredded into a salad. Other ways to serve it is grilled (cut in wedges) with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt like the article mentions. I like it drizzled with balsamic reduction and a little honey or maple syrup to offset some of the bitterness. I also roast and chop it and add to grain dishes (post coming up). Roasting the radicchio deepens its flavour and adds complexity.


Shredded salad

Shredded salad

For this recipe I had cabbage, radicchio and red pepper on hand.  To add a touch of sweet and tangy I julienned (matchstick cut) an apple and added it to the salad. A large handful of flat leaf parsley, some mint and a few leaves of basil  from the garden built layers of flavours and a simple drizzle of olive oil, sugar and lemon juice completed the salad. Other suggestions would be a few chopped nuts or even some dried cranberries.




1/2 small cabbage, shredded

1/2 small radicchio, shredded

1 red pepper, cut into thin sticks

1 large apple, cut into sticks mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice to prevent browning

A handful of flat leaf parsley, chopped

A small handful of fresh mint, chopped

2 tablespoons olive oil or as needed

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

2 teaspoon sugar




Once you have everything shredded  combine the cabbage, radicchio and apple in a large bowl.

Drizzle with the olive oil, just enough to glaze the salad, not drench it.

Add the sugar and lemon juice.

Add salt to taste.

Add the parsley, mint and basil and give it a final toss before serving.


Shredded salad

Shredded salad



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