Smoked salmon and cucumber salad spoon appies

June 3, 2014 Published by Dina

I have posted a similar item before but made a couple of changes so here it is again. We had a group of friends over and I usually like to offer some appies with a glass of wine before dinner. It’s an ice breaker for people who may be new to each other, providing an informal opportunity to chat and get to know one another before we sit down at the table for dinner. It also gives me a chance to visit with the guests before dinner and allows me time to get back into the kitchen to get things ready.

I made the “usual suspects” this time and offered my tried and true grapes wrapped in gorgonzola and rolled in caramelized hazelnuts, my recently acquired recipe of salsa Romesco from Spain served with slices of baguette and these little spoons with smoked salmon topped with cucumber and radish salad with dill and creme fraiche. I enjoy making and serving appetizers. They are fun, pretty and satisfying and hopefully don’t leave you too full for dinner.




Smoked salmon with cucumber-radish salad

Smoked salmon with cucumber-radish salad

2 small cucumbers

2 radishes

1 small shallot, optional

2 teaspoons white balsamic reduction (or white wine vinegar)

Fresh dill

Salt and pepper

100 gr Smoked salmon




Rinse the cucumbers and cut off the ends. Chop into fine dice with out peeling (I like the dark green specks) and place in a bowl.

Rinse the radishes, cut off both ends and then cut into fine dice, same size as the cucs. Add to the cucumbers.

Chop the shallot into fine dice and add to cucumbers.

Drizzle the cucumber mixture with a little white balsamic reduction or good white wine vinegar, add dill and salt and pepper to taste.




place a piece of smoked salmon on each appetizer spoon.

Spoon some of the cucumber salad on top.

Top with a little creme fraiche if you have it. Alternatively whip a 1/4 cup cream and fold it into some sour cream and use that.



Smoked salmon with cucumber-radish salad

Smoked salmon with cucumber-radish salad



  • bellini says:

    I always love these. There is so much creative license.

    • Dina says:

      I like them too. First had something similar at a winery at a lunch prepared by chef Darin Patterson of Bogner. Still haven’t been to Bogner. It’s on my list.

  • Laura Goyer says:

    They’re so cute! I’m never had cucumber and radish together before so I want to give this a try.

    I’m curious about the bloglovin’ reader service. When I read your posts from the link in the daily recap email they send, do I show as a visitor to your site in your Google stats – or a visitor to their site? I’m worried that it takes traffic away from your blog.