Gnocchi with corn, cream and sage

April 10, 2014 Published by Dina

I started a photography course that promises to be very good and a lot of work. When I registered for the two classes, part of a professional course in photography, I only thought of the 6 hours a week of class time but forgot about homework and assignments for each of the two classes, due every week. We’ll see how it goes, it sounds like more work than I bargained for but it’s a good opportunity to learn and improve my skill. Photography is a big part of blogging and a constant challenge. Let’s see what happens in three months when I finish the first two classes.

After reading and researching this week’s photography class assignment and working on the previous post for the blog, I had very little time left before dinner. My husband, who spends a lot of time getting his beloved sailboat ready every day was soon to be home and I wanted to have something ready quickly. A quick survey of the fridge and freezer turned out a bag of gnocchi. I have written about gnocchi here and here and here but it has been a while since I made them from scratch. They are not difficult to make and it’s a fun project in the kitchen but somehow they escaped my attention. This time I bought a bag of potato gnocchi from a good source and wanted to make them into a vegetarian main course that’s quick and delicious. I wanted to combine the gnocchi with some vegetables. Corn may seem like an unusual combination but I like surprises on the plate and this one turned out just lovely. A little cream, a sprinkling of grated cheese, a handful of sage and we are in business. A full of flavour dish for a nice simple and quick dinner that takes minutes to prepare.





3 tablespoons olive oil or butter

1 small onion, halved and sliced

1 bag gnocchi, potato, cheese, sweet potato, whatever you have, about 400-500 gr.)

1/3 cup chopped sage, fresh only

2 cups corn, can use frozen

1 cup cream

1/2 cup grated romano or parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper

Chives for scattering on top



Bring a large pot of water to a boil. When the water comes to a full boil add a large pinch of salt and then the gnocchi.

Bring back to a boil and let boil for about 4 minutes. Drain and set aside.

Heat oil in a large skillet, add onion and cook until onion is golden and fragrant.

Add the gnocchi and cook on medium heat to dry them on the outside. I like them golden and crisp looking. You can turn them by stirring carefully so all sides are golden.

Add the corn and mix it in.

Add the sage.

Add the cream and cheese and cook on medium low heat, stirring gently.

Taste and add salt and pepper.

When the cream thickens, which will not take long, turn the heat off.

Spoon the gnocchi into bowls, scatter a little chopped chives over and sprinkle with additional cheese.

Serve immediately.



Gnocchi with corn and sage

Gnocchi with corn and sage


Gnocchi with corn and sage

Gnocchi with corn and sage


Gnocchi with corn and sage

Gnocchi with corn and sage





  • bellini says:

    Gnocchi is a favourite around here and I no longer need to slave over making my own homemade ones since I can walk across the street to my favourite Italian pizza place for frozen to prepare according to my whims.

    • Dina says:

      I’ll have to try your source, haven’t been there yet. For pizza as well:) Thanks for the comment Val.

  • This really looks amazing ,,as I,am a gnocchi lover it will be a great Sunday dish for the two of us,,,thanks for the lovely idea ,,