Many-Sprouts Salad Three Ways

August 30, 2012 Published by Dina

I saw a couple of sprout salad recipes recently (see below) and had sprouts on my mind for a while now. Sprouts are mostly thought of as something to add to a salad or a sandwich and rarely get to play the main role. Well, here is their chance at the limelight. I bought a bunch of different sprouts at Planet Organic the other day and decided to give them a chance. They had mixed bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts, sunflower sprouts and pea shoots, very fresh, crisp and fragrant and had to be the featured presentation. I made them into three salads. One was just plain, another with roasted yellow beets and apples and another with a couple of small cucumbers and a few cherry tomatoes for colour and to appease the uninitiated.  Serve it with tzatziki sauce or honeyed yogurt and don’t make any apologies. Everyone deserve a moment in the spotlight. Quantities here really do not matter. Just get what you can find and mix it the way you’d like.  If you want to check out a couple of other sprout salad recipes that served as inspiration for this post see: Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe here and Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks here.


A handful mixed bean sprouts

A handful broccoli sprouts

A hanndful subflower sprouts

A handful peashoots

A handful sturdy salad greens

Combine the sprouts in a bowl and toss.

Add any of the optional ingredients below (or not).

Spoon one of the dressings suggested below on top of the salad.

Serve crisp with a good slice of bread.

Optional add ons:

Shredded apple

Roasted beets

Pistachio nuts

Cucumbers, sliced

Cherry tomatoes, halved

Tzatziki Dressing:

1 cup greek yogurt

1 tablespoon lemon juice or more

1/4 cup chopped fresh dill

Salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients, let sit for a few minutes to develop flavour.

Honeyed yogurt dressing:

1 cup greek yogurt

1 tablespoon liquid honey

Mix honey and yogurt together and stir to a smooth consistency.


Many-sprout salad with apples,roasted beets, honeyed yogurt
Many-sprout salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and Tzatziki dressing



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