Summer Peaches and Cream

August 6, 2012 Published by Dina

I love summer rituals and have established a few here at our summer home in Kelowna. An early morning walk through the sleepy neighbourhood, a soy latte on the patio at The Roasted Bean on Cooks Rd (best lattés) or “opening” and “closing” the patio morning and night. We have food rituals as well. A slow breakfast at home on the patio, or lakeside  breakfast ritual at the one-of-a-kind Hotel Eldorado or on the patio at the Manteo Resort. Our food rituals include fresh corn for dinner often and invariably, peaches and cream for dessert. This really means summer. I buy the peaches and leave them in a bowl on the counter for a day to finish ripening and softening, fruit flies permitting. Sometimes they have to go in the fridge. To make the peaches and cream I peel them gently, removing only the skin, and slice into thin wedges, straight into a bowl to catch any dripping nectar. I sometimes add a few just-picked berries: raspberries, blackberries and even blueberries. A sprinkling of sugar is nice, although not a must if the fruit is sweet and ripe. Now the drizzle of cream. The best and richest cream here is produced by Blackwell Dairy Farms in Kamloops, BC. You can buy it at Paul’s Produce (no web page?) at Guisachan Village on Gordon and Guisachan. It’s incredibly rich and sweet and you only need a drizzle to coat the peaches. This is more an idea than a recipe but here it is:


2 ripe peaches per person

A few berries per serving

Sugar optional

Thick cream


Only use ripe and sweet peaches. If you don’t have them skip the recipe this time.

Gently peel the peaches over a bowl to catch any dripping juice.

Cut each peach into thin wedges right into the bowl.

Add the berries and scatter them over the peaches.

Gently spoon the peaches and berries into individual serving bowls.

Sprinkle with a touch of sugar if using.

Drizzzle thick cream over the peaches and berries, just enough to coat them lightly.

Serve immediately and enjoy. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Summer peaches and cream with blackberries
Peaches and raspberries with cream
Sunflowers in the kitchen

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