Baguette with Brie and Tomato chutney

June 3, 2012 Published by Dina

Baguette sandwiches are such a treat. They have bread, they have cheese, what more does one need? I recently had a couple of good ones on great bread, one in Seattle at Le Panier and another in Calgary at La Boulangerie bakery cafe on 4th street. I bought a baguette from them yesterday and I am making baguette sandwich  for lunch with their sourdough baguette today. I happen to have tomato chutney in the fridge so this is what I used today. Tomorrow I may use another base, who knows, possibilities are endless. A few micro greens picked up at the farmers market add a touch of garnish. I have had these baguette sandwiches in France and they are served plain over there, just great bread, great cheese. And that’s enough too. I know that a sandwich hardly needs a recipe, we all know how to make one.  But, I think we get inspired by images and stories and then go do our own thing in the kitchen. This is my contribution for your inspiration today.


1 baguette

Triple creme Brie cheese (or double creme)

Tomato chutney homemade or good quality from a jar

Micro greens


Cut the baguette on the diagonal into the size of sandwich that you prefer. I get about 3-4 sandwiches per loaf.

Slice each piece horizontally and spread each half with some of the tomato chutney.

Cut the round of Brie into long slices, not too thin. Lay the Brie slices over the bread. Place a few micro green over the cheese and put the top slice over.

Enjoy on its own or alongside a crisp green salad with a simple vinaigrette.

Bon appetit.

Baguette with Brie and Tomato Chutney


Working on the wine book cheese section


Brie de Meaux

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