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Tisane – herb tea from your garden, and ordering herb tea in Spain

I was told off (gently) by the waiters in Spain. While traveling around this beautiful country for a couple of months recently I needed to get off the caffein train. We ate out a lot and lingered in cafes every day and the caffein was starting to get to me. I thought I’d change to herbal tea. Easy? not so fast. I annoyed many waiters in the beginning trying to order “camomile tea”. I soon learned that Camomile in Spanish is called manzanilla. When I ordered “manzanilla tea”  I still got a frustrated looks and it’s only their politeness that […] 

Salmorejo – the gazpacho from Andalucia

Traveling is an education. It’s more than visiting historical sites and driving through beautiful new landscapes. It challenges our assumptions and provides context for our education. When we engage with the world around us we broaden our horizon, become culturally competent. If we are receptive, we may shed preconceived ideas about cultures and people and open our minds to other perspectives. Visiting foreign lands used to be an integral part of a person’s education and development and study of a foreign language was de rigueur in cultured homes.                         […] 

Slow roasted tomatoes salad with buffalo mozzarella

The tomatoes came in late this year, it was well into August before we saw the first ripe local red beauties. Since they showed up though I have been serving them practically every day in some form or another. I have made gazpacho, salmorejo, bruschetta, tomato salads, tomato sandwiches, pizza, tomato soups, fresh tomato sauce for pasta as well as sliced them into anything else I cook, from green beans to zucchini to fresh beans and tacos. You name it, I have likely made it. One of the ways I love to serve and eat tomatoes is to slow roast […] 

Pasta salad

Some beautiful food came and went through my kitchen this week but unfortunately I did not manage to photograph it. I made the dishes quickly and served them to a crowd (lots of house guests this week) so there was no time for me to “do my thing” with the photography. Lentils with roasted peppers and feta, roasted vegetables, fresh grilled corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer pasta, peaches and cream, summer cakes all came and left without a trace, lingering only in memories. I find that in the summer I am inspired by the beautiful produce and make many uncomplicated, vegetable […] 

Apricot Lavender cake

I finally got around to take my Kelowna foodie “crew” for an evening sail on the beautiful Okanagan lake. On the short list were Val of More than Burnt Toast, Laura of The Culinary Travel Guide and Barbara (not Barb) of the good life anytime (really, not a blog). We piled onto Captain G’s beloved Isa Lei and headed south in search of a calm cove to drop anchor and go in for an evening swim. We soon found the place, not too shallow, not far from shore and Captain dropped anchor. My friend Barbara was not deterred in the […] 

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