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Apple cinnamon mini muffins – vegan, with rice milk and olive oil

I made these little muffins on the spur of the moment this morning, before my Italian teacher Gian Marco Litrico came over to give G and me an overview of Italian art, history and politics in preparation for our upcoming stay in Italy. Gian Marco is educated, knowledgeable and interesting and we had wonderful time looking at and talking about works of art and historical, religious and political figures in Italian history. I served these little muffins as something to snack on, with apple butter on the side. I baked one tray of mini muffins (easier to eat) and scooped […] 

Chocolate chip cookies

I am winding down my kitchen for the season preparing to leave for Italy in just a couple  weeks. Still, I was watching Giada de Lorentis episode about her visit to Tuscany and watched her made these cookies and could not help going into the kitchen to make a batch. Not sure who is going to eat them, but it’s fun to bake. Giada makes these very large, she scoops them by 1 cup balls and freezes them before baking. I made them smaller and didn’t bother with the freezing but suit yourself. Evidently she serves these cookies in her […] 

Easy scones with cheddar cheese and chives

I am consumed with our upcoming stay in Italy and I also find myself thinking about why we travel. Travel today is easier than ever. The world is getting smaller and more accessible and remote places are relatively easy to reach. To a certain degree we find the conveniences of our western homes almost anywhere and language becomes less of an obstacle with the advent of the internet, not to mention the old standby – hand gestures. In preparation for an upcoming 4 months stay in Italy we are reading and watching videos about it’s history, art, culture and food. […] 

Quick and simple candied nuts

If you were to look in my freezer one thing that you would always find is a bag with candied buts, often hazelnuts. I use them as an extra item to add to salads, savoury grain dishes, along with cheese, desserts, over breakfast oatmeal, in pancakes or waffles, I’ll stop here but you get the picture. Sometimes I buy instead of making them and we have a few good sources for buying them prepared, but really there is no excuse to not making them yourself. I generally make a caramel first and then mix the nuts into it, allowing them […] 

Autumn vegetable soup with parsley pistou

My mental image of an ideal kitchen is one with a pot of soup simmering on the back burner with the warm, inviting aromas wafting in the air, making a house feel like home. My favourite pot to cook soups in is the French enamelled cast iron Le Creuset, and no, they are not paying me to say this. I have some beautiful copper pots that would look beautiful filled with soup, but then I have to polish them…am I getting lazy? I have said it before and I’ll say it again: soups hardly need a recipe. Take a look […] 

Asian salad rolls and lettuce wraps

I am alone at home for the week but that doesn’t keep me away from the kitchen. Sometime in my evolution as a wife and a mother I fell in love with cooking and begun an affair with my kitchen. I was lucky to have a wonderful, warm and comfortable kitchen at Trail’s End (our previous home) where I could acquire culinary skills, express my artistic abilities and develop a style of my own. As in any love affair, you learn about each other first with passionate abundance and then with loving familiarity. Unlike many love affairs though, the passion between […] 

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