This Week in my Kitchen

Summer Potato Salad

If it’s summer, I make potato salads and so far no one is complaining (don’t start:). Here is another potato salad version from my kitchen. The new potatoes cook quickly and combined with other beautiful vegetables and a simple dressing make a beautiful salad. What can be better? You can serve it as a whole meal or with other foods. It keeps in the fridge nicely and travels well to the boat or a picnic site. I am getting excited already. This salad was made at the last minute with potatoes I already had in the fridge, cooked and ready […] 

Quail’s Gate Visa Infinite Dinner Event – It Takes Three

  On July 19th I was invited by my friend and fellow blogger Laura of The Culinary Travel Guide to join her at the sold out Visa Infinite event at Quail’s Gate winery. This was the place to be that night for culinary and wine enthusiasts and the place was packed.  Visa Infinite holds more than 60 events across Canada throughout the year featuring anything from dinners to wine country events to hotel collection and music series. To learn about these events you can register on their website, then buy tickets, get yourself on a PR invite list or have […] 

Cherry-Berry Smoothie

Since I bought the new Vitamix blender I can’t stop blending things. It does such a good job and creates a wonderful texture. Earlier in the spring before the seasonal berries were in I made smoothies with frozen fruits and ended up with a sorbet, not quite what I intended but good anyway. Now that fruits are in season I use fresh fruits to make various smoothies and they are fresh tasting and refreshing. If you have left over fruit from a fruit plate or a fruit salad, or odds and ends fruits in the fridge that are still good, […] 

Farro with persimmons and herbs

Persimmons are quite special. I have seen them at the produce sections many times but didn’t really get to know them until we went to Spain recently. Although it is an Asian fruit, Spain has adopted it and it is now rising in agricultural importance and popularity there. What I heard in Spain is that the persimmon production “saved” their agricultural export. They are grown mainly in Valencia but also in Castellon and Andalusia and some varieties from the Ribera de Xuquer are protected by the Spanish Denomination of Origin (DO). Persimmons are round and smooth, the size of an […] 

Mini pancakes with banana and blueberries

Summer is time for leisurely breakfasts on the patio and although most of the time it is oatmeal or whole grains, sometimes I indulge in a little treat. Pancakes and waffles with fresh fruit, maple syrup and whipped cream are high on my “indulge” list.  And I like them small: compact and puffy little disks that can play the main role or be a side-kick, whatever else you are serving. For this recipe I chopped up a banana into the batter and then chopped another banana and mix it with blueberries to serve alongside or on top of the pancakes. […] 

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