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This Week in my Kitchen

Green tomatoes three ways: fried, jam, salsa

Fall produce is not only about pumpkins and root vegetables. One of the things I look to with anticipation is the arrival of unripe green tomatoes at the produce stands at our local markets. With tomato season basically over, the green tomatoes that would have otherwise been left to ripen on the vine are now picked early to allow them to ripen on you kitchen counter, if you can wait that long. Buy the green tomatoes a soon as you see them but with once caveat: whatever you intend to make with them you have to do it right away […] 

Spaghetti squash with crisp crumbs

Spaghetti squash is a fun variety because its flesh breaks into spaghetti-like strands. It has a mild flavour that lends itself to different finishing touches, from tomato sauce to olive oil, pesto etc. I kept this recipe simple by tossing the cooked strands with olive oil, parsley, salt, pepper and parmesan then topped it with crunchy bread crumbs that I first sautéed in a little olive oil. You can serve it in a bowl or as I did here, pile it back into the cooked shell. This time I roasted the squash in the oven but it works very well […] 

Roasted white pumpkin puree with candied nuts

With all the oranges, golds and reds of fall, the grey”ish” white pumpkin (some are pure white), aka ghost pumpkin, probably gets neglected and that’s unfortunate. In spite of the colour of the rind, its flesh is golden and sweet, much like sweet potatoes and other squashes and it complements other seasonal foods. The white pumpkins are a cultivated variety, shaped like a regular pumpkin and if harvested on time retains its pure white colour. If left on the vine too long it turns slightly grey. I picked up one medium sized white pumpkin and let it sit around the […] 

Sweden – Stockholm and Göteborg, the markets and what foods to try

Sweden is special. Wide open, elegant, beautiful and stylish, everything I encountered there suited me perfectly well: the food, the beautiful people, clothes, home decor, architecture, canals and surrounding sea and archipelago, it was just my scene. By the time we got to Sweden I was well versed in how to make the most out of shore days on a cruise and was off the boat first thing in the morning to explore. The city took me by surprise. I didn’t expect what I saw and spent a good part of the day exploring on foot the historical highlight of the […] 

Grilled baby bok choy

Rice and vegetables are one of my go to things when preparing a quick lunch or light dinner. You can make it literally in minutes with no advance preparation. With the change of weather I brought inside the summer grill pan that we use in the outdoor kitchen and looking for something fun to make on it I pulled out the baby bok choy from the fridge and decided to grill them instead of stir frying in a wok. I looked online about grilling bok choy and a recipe on the Food Network suggested to microwave it first before grilling. […] 

Finland: Helsinki for foodies

With my affinity for the Mediterranean, the Scandinavian countries have not been on my radar until now. We visited three of them earlier this month and the sheer beauty and elegance of the cities, the architecture, the people, the archipelagos surrounding the coastline and yes, the food, were extraordinary. Finland (Helsinki) especially was fascinating, set as far north as I have ever been to (before visiting Iceland). I had a special childhood connection to Finland and it’s most northern region, Lapland. As a child I grew up reading a series of books about children from around the world photographed by the […] 

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