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Kale and potato soup

Funny I haven’t made kale soup before, especially because I make a lot of soups and tend to  have a pot of soup simmering at the back of the stove or a mason jar or two in the fridge with homemade simple and delicious soups. They are so easy to prepare and making dinner is simple if you have a nice soup on hand. Somehow I found myself with 4 bunches of kale in the fridge, not sure how, but I had to use some of them in a dish other than (not) another kale salad. I had a few […] 

Spring radishes salad rolls

I was organizing my pantry the other day, determined to simplify and use what’s there. I am not a “shopping list” shopper and inevitable my pantry gets filled with stuff that excites me one moment and then languishes on the shelves, forgotten. One of these items was a bottle of Asian dipping sauce that looked enticing so I thought I’d make a few salad rolls to use the sauce with. They are always fun and I haven’t made them in a while (meaning, a few weeks). I had the rice paper, rice noodles and the rest is easy, add what […] 

Best muesli – vegan

I was looking through the breakfast section on the blog and was surprised to see that I have not posted this muesli recipe. I have been making it for years (with my eyes closed by now) and it has been a favourite in the family forever. It’s my go to breakfast item when I want to prepare something in advance and we enjoy it by itself or in addition to other breakfast items if we have time to linger. If it’s in the fridge, it makes a great little healthy snack anytime. I first had muesli years ago at the […] 

Nuts about pasta (pasta with four-nut pesto)

Spring is still struggling here in the Okanagan. It has been cold and windy. I am waiting to plant my herbs for the season and bring in the perennials to brighten up the planters outside. Some herbs are coming back after the cold winter: chives, oregano, even some of the thyme. Pretty amazing to see them pop up after being covered with snow and subjected to the vagaries of a Canadian winter. I am still working on our extended (3 months) trip to Italy later this fall. We’ll begin the trip with a stay in Milan and I have rented […] 

Homemade labne and za’atar with pita crisps

Labne is common in middle eastern cuisines and easy to make at home. It is made by straining the liquids out of  the yogurt over a couple of days, thickening it in the process and what’s left is a soft cheese with texture similar to goat cheese. Labne’s lemony flavour goes well with the tart sumac in the za’atar and fruitiness of olive oil. In the middle east you often buy it in small round balls marinated in olive oil and herbs. To strain the yogurt you will need a mash strainer and cheesecloth. You can purchase specialized yogurt strainers […] 

Beet and goat cheese salad

I was at the bookstore yet again the other day going through, what else, the cookbook section. There are so many new cookbooks and they are beautiful and tempting. One book that caught my eye and came home with me had an unusual title: Faking It: how to cook delicious food without really trying, by Valli Little. Valli was born into a restauranteur-family in the UK and had her formal chef training at Le London Cordon Bleu in London. She then had a distinguished career in Australia and the UK, including being the food director of ABC magazine Delicious and publishing […] 

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