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Merida: Oliva Kitchen and Bar and Chopped Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

I have taken a liking to salads that are composed of many vegetables, all finely chopped and tossed together in a harmonious pile. They are easier to eat than a large leafy salad and the flavours blend together so nicely with the dressing, just my kind of thing. I have had one such salad recently on a side trip to Merida last week. We went there to take a cooking class at Los Dos cookings school and explore local architecture but trying out a few restaurants is always on the agenda. One of the restaurants we tried was not Mexican […] 

Yucatan: Villa Verde Merida (and egg and avocado breakfast recipe)

Last week we headed west of the Mayan Riviera to Merida to explore the Gulf of Mexico side of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Yucatan Peninsula separates the Caribbean sea from the Gulf of Mexico and includes three states: Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche. The Yucatan is home to the Mayan people and is distinct from the rest of Mexico by its culture and cuisine. The new double lane highway from Cancun to Merida now has a connector from Playa del Carmen that cuts about an hour off the drive making it possible to get there in about 3.5 hours. This […] 

Yucatan pickled red onions (Cebollas Encurtidas)

One item that appears on almost every plate here in the Yucatan peninsula are the brightly coloured pickled red onions. If you look at any cook’s kitchen here you are sure to find a jar or a dish of this lovely condiment hanging around to be used with just about every food other than dessert. There are various ways of making these pickled onions but what is unique here is that they make them with the juice of sour oranges. Sour oranges, aka Seville oranges, are available in the winter months but I seldom see them in Canada where we […] 

Puerto Aventuras – Rajas Poblanas from Chef Danny at Latitude 20

The weekly cooking classes at Latitude 20 restaurant are packed every week. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn authentic Mexican and other South American cooking from the knowledgeable Chef Danny and meet other people in the community who clearly have an interest in learning about local cuisine. Although no reservations are required to attend the class (you can just show up) Danny is never phased by the number of people (anywhere from 20 to almost 40) and is somehow prepared to make and serve food for everyone in his typical friendly and relaxed manner. Part of the reason for that is […] 

Sustainable Tulum – Casa de las Olas and Chef Lulu’s Green Chilaquilles

  Tulum lures eco-conscious travellers for whom the massive all inclusive resorts lining the Mayan coast are not an option. It lures them with the promise of secluded beaches, great food and commitment to sustainability. But do they deliver? Are the beaches still secluded? Are they truly committed to sustainability? Tulum is off the utilities grid and hotels power up with diesel operated generators, wind power and solar panels, each with a different environmental impact. Similarly, no water is pumped into the area from town and no systemic drainage provided. Most local resorts rely on potable water brought in by […] 

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