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Gnocchi with corn, cream and sage

I started a photography course that promises to be very good and a lot of work. When I registered for the two classes, part of a professional course in photography, I only thought of the 6 hours a week of class time but forgot about homework and assignments for each of the two classes, due every week. We’ll see how it goes, it sounds like more work than I bargained for but it’s a good opportunity to learn and improve my skill. Photography is a big part of blogging and a constant challenge. Let’s see what happens in three months […] 

Spain, Barcelona with Núria: Calçots and Salsa Romesco

One thing I enjoy about blogging is the instant community it opens up for you. You become part of a global community of like-minded people who tend to like the same things you do: eat, cook, write, photograph and travel. Before leaving for Spain my friend Val of More than Burnt Toasts, whom I met through blogging, introduced me to Núria from Barcelona. Núria is a blogger and you can find her cooking, travelling and photographing at Spanish Recipes by Nuria. I contacted her before we left, asking if she had any recommendations for Barcelona. She responded quickly and warmly […] 

Free Form Lasagna with Ricotta and Kale

I posted a free form lasagna recipe a short while ago but today made another one and thought it post-worthy. I used fresh lasagna sheets from our Valoroso Italian market and used prepared tomato sauce from Alba, Italy  (Cascina San Cassiano, comes in a cute round jar). If you can’t find this one try Williams Sonoma pasta sauces, they are pretty good, or of course make your own. This lasagna has to be cooked in 375F for a few minutes so make sure you have sturdy oven safe serving dishes. I used 10″ salad plates with rounded bottom, to catch the […] 

Quinoa with Roasted Asparagus, Radicchio and Candied Hazelnuts

Do you cook mostly with recipes? I tend to make things up as I go and often improvise with whatever I have on hand that day. I usually start with one ingredient and then build the dish around it. I have had quinoa on my mind for a few days now and finally it got its turn in the kitchen. Quinoa cooks quickly and easily into a nice and fluffy pile of  little grains that feature beautifully in several dishes. So today it was quinoa as the base. I cooked it first and then looked in the fridge to see […] 

Spanish Champagne – Penedes, Codorniu Cava Bodega and berries with cava-honey syrup

My culinary “must do” list while traveling in Spain included a visit to a cava bodega in Penedes. Penedes is the Spanish Cava region in Catalunya, located just outside beautiful Barcelona, easily accessible by car or by train. Cava, a.k.a. Spanish Champagne, has been produced in this region since 1872 when a local wine maker produced the first sparkling wine made in the traditional champagne method. The wine was called Spanish champagne until fairly recently when European Union laws prohibited any sparkling wines not made in the Champagne region of France from being called Champagne. Following the new name laws this […] 

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