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Ricotta and spinach stuffed shells with quick tomato sauce

I made the previous stuffed shells recipe again, this time with a simple and quick tomato sauce. I must confess I am a tomato sauce gal more than cream sauce one, so I kinda like this one better. I thought I’d share it because we loved it. What is so appealing about this recipe is that the shells are not cooked in the sauce but rather baked al forno until they get crisp and slightly browned on top. You serve them on top of the sauce so they are not swimming in it. The shells are made the same way […] 

Ricotta and spinach stuffed shells

Twice during our stay in Italy I had stuffed and baked pasta for an elegant first course, and both times it happened in spa resorts: once at Castelo di Velona in Montalcino and next at the Adler Thermae Spa in Bagno Vignoni. Those dishes stuck in my mind as memorable and today I thought I’d try and create something similar at home. Aside from the wonderful flavours, I like the minimalist approach in terms of quantity and presentation. See images below. I don’t remember exactly what the pasta was filled with at Castelo di Velona but the it was tube […] 

Aloo gobi – Indian flavoured potato and cauliflower with Indian roti bread

One of my go to dishes in Indian restaurants is Aloo Gobi, a vegetable dish made by cooking potatoes and cauliflower together with spices and a little water. Traditionally I think they add green peas at the end. I didn’t have any peas today but I added a couple of tomatoes to the dish, not necessarily authentic but it worked for me. For us a dish like that is a simple dinner but of course you can serve it alongside a protein. I like a simple chopped Romain salad with this dish, dressed with a lemony vinaigrette. The combination of […] 

Watermelon and feta salad

Summer is teasing us, offering a few days of sunshine and blue skies only to retract its promise and send clouds and rain next. To be honest, I love cloudy, rainy days and often use them to catch up on my reading. After indulging in Roman history before and after our extended stay in Italy, I have moved on to the Russian dynasty in preparation for an upcoming trip to St Petersburg to visit its amazing palaces. I am reading biographies of Catherine the Great and the House of Romanov by Robert Massie who brings the period and characters to […] 

Blondies have more fun – blondie bites with candied nuts

I love to bake and often wonder what I like better, cooking or baking. There is no large audience here for baking as it is just the two of us at home. With the blog however, I invite you into my kitchen, virtual as this may be, and now I can bake for you. I spoke to a blogger friend about this and she said she would bake a cake and throw it out. I relate to the sentiment although I haven’t done it that way. I try to unload some of the baked goodies on my friends and neighbours […] 

Scallion-Chive cakes

The kitchen for me is sort of a classroom where I can venture to learn anything that interests me at the moment. Today “lesson” was scallion pancakes that have intrigued me for quite sometime. As it is with most things, once you actually do them you realize that they are not that complicated and only require curiosity, some work, skill and willingness to try. Scallion cakes are part of Asian cuisine and I have seen recipes for Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian versions and others. They are mostly similar and the two methods the emerged are either adding the scallions to the […] 

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