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Fig and gorgonzola flatbread

I can never resists fresh, ripe figs when I see them. More often than not I enjoy them fresh on their own but I also make a few things with them. They are nice roasted and served with salted orange caramel, added to salad or on top of a pizza. One thing to keep in mind about figs is that unlike other fruits, they don’t ripen sitting on your counter. They have to be picked ripe or else they just don’t ripen. So, before I buy them I look and sometimes touch them to see if they feel right: a […] 

Heirloom tomatoes with olive oil, basil and burrata

Vine ripe summer tomatoes are the sine qua non of my kitchen. Can’t be without them and regularly buy more than I can use. After all there are only two of us eating here, yet I buy enough for an army. You want to come over? You’d think that at my age (almost 30….NOT) I’d learn some balance but as the saying goes, A BALANCED LIFE IS A LIFE WITHOUT PASSION, and I cannot be accused of having no passion. The last trip to the weekend market saw me coming back with boxes of heirloom tomatoes in all shapes, colours […] 

Endive and beet salad with coronation grapes and gorgonzola

The bitter endives and sweet roasted beets go together nicely in a salad, balanced by the sweet and pungent gorgonzola and candied nuts. I make shredded salads like this quite often, combining whatever vegetables I have with the contrast of crunchy, sweet nuts.  My system is to keep a couple of bags with candied nuts in the freezer so I can take a few when I need them and add to the salad without the extra work. You can either buy them or make your own. Other than cooking a little I have been busy researching for our upcoming trip […] 

Pasta with foraged porcini mushrooms

Regardless of what the calendar says, it’s definitely fall when foraged mushrooms are popping up at the farmers market. I went to our Kelowna market on a rainy Saturday morning looking for my friend Scott Moran, the local forager, and I was not disappointed. Scott has a small booth at the market with only a few items available each week, depending on what he foraged in the last couple of days. You never know what you’re gonna get. This time he had the rare porcini as well as a few of the exotic red lobster mushrooms. The porcini were huge, […] 

Easy chocolate cake with chocolate sauce

My husband loves chocolate cakes, I love fruit desserts. So…when I feel like being nice I make him a chocolate cake and if I feel like being really nice I also make a chocolate sauce to go with it. The other day I made a lemon-basil cake and thought I’d make captain G a chocolate cake. This recipe is from Martha Stewart website and since it only calls for cocoa powder, no melted chocolate, I knew it will be light and airy and not the dense type cake. If you use melted chocolate in the recipe it makes a more […] 

Roasted rosemary potatoes

Soft inside, crispy on the outside, golden and delicious these are perfect for dinner, lunch or a snack, kind of instead of French fries. Some flavours simply go together and potatoes, olive oil, rosemary and coarse sea salt is a marriage made in culinary heaven, so simple yet so good.I shake a little paprika over the potatoes as well because i like the colour that it lends the roasted potatoes, reddish, golden, roasted. The type of potato you use makes a difference. Start with potatoes that are not too starchy, yellow or red skin would do just fine. I leave […] 

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