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One skillet pasta? They do it in Puglia

My Italian neighbour alerted me to the trend of cooking pasta in a skillet: pasta, veggies, flavouring, oil, water, the whole thing in one skillet and you have a beautiful and flavourful pasta dish in its own sauce  in about 10 minutes. A quick internet search produced Martha Stewart as the instigator. One of Martha’s editors traveled to Puglia in Italy a couple of years ago and saw them making pasta in one pot. She took notes and came back with the idea. Martha published the recipe and used it in her cooking programs on TV and I believe that […] 

Fermented pancakes – vegan, no oil, no eggs, no dairy, no sugar

A healthier alternative to regular pancakes that are loaded with eggs, butter, sugar and dairy, this easy recipe calls for mixing flour and water and letting it sit covered for several hours or overnight before cooking. The flour ferments and lightens with the air bubbles and the pancakes are surprisingly light and delicious. This morning I used half white flour and half garbanzo flour because that was what I had in the pantry but I have made it with other flours with equal success. Keep the proportion of flour to water at 1:1. You can even make it gluten free […] 

Seitan – vegan gluten patties with shitake-herb sauce

Once in a while I crave these high protein gluten patties that are quite popular in vegetarian and vegan cooking. Seitan (pronounced Say-Tahn, a strange name) is made from wheat gluten and has texture and flavour reminiscent of poultry or meat. The original method for making seitan involved making a dough with regular flour and rinsing it under water to wash off the starch and end up with gluten. Don’t ask. It’s way too much work. Today you can buy gluten flour ready made and use this as your base for making Seitan (Red Mill makes Vital Wheat Gluten and […] 

Warm kale and mushrooms salad

Kale salads took the culinary world by a storm and all of a sudden every trendy chef was offering kale salads on their menu. Suddenly, or so it seemed, there were curly kale and black kale and red kale and Russian kale available to us and we jumped on the food trend bandwagon. Kale has a strong flavour a sturdy texture and needs some help making it into a salad. We chopped, ribboned, even massaged the kale leaves to soften them little and made many variations on a simple theme. There is even kale caesar out there. The trend is […] 

Chocolate and caramelized nuts cookies

If you are wavering between the crispy and chewy cookie camps then these cookies are for you. Crispy, chewy, delicious and very quick to make, these would please both sides. This dough can serve as a base for whatever embellishments you may wish to try. You make the dough and then fold in the extras by hand. I have made these cookies with candied ginger, white chocolate, chopped dates, dried cherries and dried cranberries to name a few. They bake quickly and don’t spread all over your baking sheet, only puff up a bit. Other than that I have started […] 

Pear and gorgonzola flatbread

I am on a bit of a roll here in the kitchen. I should spend as much time exercising. I had pizza dough that I purchased from a local Italian market in the freezer and took it out last night  to thaw overnight  in the fridge. This afternoon I rolled it out and made a simple pizza with tomatoes and basil and this little pear and gorgonzola flatbread just for fun, no special occasion. Pear and gorgonzola is a wonderful combination of sweet, salty, tangy and pungent. I like it in salads, on a  cheese tray, on top of pastry […] 

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