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This Week in my Kitchen

Beans for burritos

My sister-in-law Barbara gave me this bean recipe for burritos she makes weekly for her family. She in turn received the recipe from another close friend, Nadine, and the two of them have been making it for years. I am not sure where the recipe originated, but I heard that someone’s mother passed it along. Both gals make this in a pressure cooker and I have been following their method, but I have also tried it on the stover top and it works just as well. The idea is to make batch, freeze portions in plastic containers and pull out […] 

Vin Santo stone fruit compote

How fun at the end of the summer to gather the best ripe stone fruits and a few others, shower them with a bottle of Vin Santo and simmer them together to a sweet perfection that you can then serve chilled in glass bowls. This to me is one of end of summer best treats. It is a dish I grew up with (minus the Vin Santo) where it was called a fruit soup. It was customary in my family to have a jar of this fruit compote in the fridge and when unexpected company knocked on the door, my […] 

Vegetables in parchment

Cleaning up the fridge today.  I chopped up all the vegetables to similar size chunks, tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and piled them into parchment baking bags together with a few stems of thyme. Seal the bag and bake at 400F for 30 minutes. If you want to dry them out a bit you can cut the bag open and continue cooking for another 10 minutes or so, or just place the bags on serving plates, cut them open and pulled all the corners back. The herbal aroma is quite intoxicating. Kind of intoxicating, but definitely nice. Ingredients: […] 

Corn and potato soup

When you buy corn by the dozen for only 2 people sometimes you have a few cobs left over. What I do then is scrape the kernels off the cob and use them in salads, with grains, in tacos, or as here, in a late summer corn and potato soup. This soup can be made with cream, creme fraiche or vegan with cashew cream. Take your pick. It’s a beautiful soup either way you do it, so long as the corn is good and the potatoes fresh. I make it with white skinned potatoes rather than the starchy variety. To […] 

Cabbage-apple slaw with mint, candied hazelnuts and lavender

Every now and then I enjoy a good cabbage salad but not necessarily with mayo dressing. This is a fresh and crisp cabbage salad with sweet and tangy dressing made with cider vinegar, maple syrup and creme fraiche. Since we want to layer flavours and textures I chop in a few fresh mint leaves and scatter fresh lavender flowers on top. One thing I enjoy with many salads is the crisp and nutty flavours and textures of caramelized nuts, and they particularly enhance this salad. For a non-dairy version leave out the creme fraiche or replace it with CASHEW CREAM. […] 

Swiss chard with lentils, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil

I am cleaning up my garden before leaving on our trip. It can get cold here and I didn’t want to come back to frozen vegetables and forgo the fun of picking my own vegetables and cooking them fresh. I had a large amount of sorrel, both green and red and I gave it a whirl in the food processor with olive oil, then filled glass jars with the “pesto” and put it in the freezer until further notice. I have a few ideas floating in my mind about using it in recipes. Stay tuned. I also had a large […] 

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