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Baby Yellow Beets

Did you know that beets and swiss chard belong to the same family? If you look at their leaves you can see the resemblance. These two also go well together and you can combine beets with the leaves of swiss chard quite nicely. I like beets and cook with them a lot in season, especially the little baby beets. In the winter I tend to make beet soup out of the larger ones and I often have homemade jars of pickled beets in the fridge. They come in different shapes and varieties. The large round beets are the most common, […] 

Fall vegetables sauté

As the weather gets cooler I get in the mood for a heartier fare. A trip to the farmers market yesterday yielded a bag of sieglinde potatoes from Sweet Life Farms, beautiful green cabbage and black kale from another vendor and an orange cauliflower. I thought I’d combine all of them in a quick sauté for dinner, which is just my kind of food. I started with the potatoes as they take the longest to cook, but placed the cauliflower florets in the oven to roast while everything else was cooked in the skillet. With country bread and a plum tart […] 

Sunshine Farm Tomato Festival and Sunshine Farms recipe for pickeld cherry tomatoes

It’s not every day that I am invited to an organic tomato farm so when the opportunity presented itself to purchase tickets, I immediately did. This year Sunshine Farms hosted their first Tomato Festival on their farm, offering space to 50 guests of which I was lucky to be one. Both Val of More Than Burnt Toast and I, who never miss a good culinary opportunity, packed our cameras and hats and set out to spend a few hours of culinary indulgence in all things tomato. For Val, who says that if she had a last meal it would have […] 

Late summer heirloom tomato salad with tarragon-buttermilk dressing

I am not going to wax poetic about the change of season. Or am I? We bloggers tend to do that. I will say however that summer seems to be retreating and fall is in the air. Mornings are cool, the sun sets early amd the days are shorter. A trip to the farmers market makes you wonder where all the tomatoes and summer berries go. Apples and pear are stacked on the stands now and even winter squash is already here. How did that happen? Where did the summer go? I am reflecting on the summer months that passed. […] 

Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic deserves it own post. This easy to make and versatile item is often  ignored but I am putting it back in the limelight. Roasted garlic is a different experience than fresh garlic. Roasting caramelizes the sugars in the garlic and the result is soft and buttery texture and sweet, mild garlicky flavour that goes with so many dishes. Think a whole head of garlic roasted to golden perfection, fragrant and ready to be squeezed out of it’s papery skin onto awaiting crostini. What can be better? To roast garlic choose heads with larger cloves that are slightly older […] 

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