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Fresh ricotta on grilled bread

I don’t know if you have access to fresh ricotta made this morning but I bought mine from the cheese maker next door while staying at the off the beaten path agriturismo Palazzo del Duca in Tavernelle. A blog post about the experience is in the making but I had to use the cheese right away so here is one of the ways I used it, simplicity itself, and in the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I don’t know if he really said it but that’s what I read and I am sticking to it. […] 

San Miniato White Truffle Festival (2015)

Travelling off season has its benefits. We are here at the height of truffle season and during the white truffle festival of San Miniato. This year the Festival is celebrating its 45 anniversary and we were here for the celebration. Every November more than 100,000 people descend on San Miniato for the Nostra Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco di San Miniato and the narrow streets and small piazzas fill with truffle aromas and stands of vendors displaying enormous amount of local food specialties. The Piazza del Duomo at the top of the hill is where you find most of the fresh truffles, […] 

Risotto with white truffles from San Miniato

The truffle I bought at the San Miniato truffle festival was enough for just two dishes: soft scrambled eggs with truffles and risotto with truffles. It was a fun and short lived, I need to find another white truffle before we leave Tuscany. we are off to Florence in a few days and are staying there long enough to do some cooking, looking forward to that. The truffled risotto is easy to make, simply make a risotto as usual but have some truffle bits to fold into it at the last minute and then shave your truffle on top, and […] 

La Dolce Vita: Rapallo, Santa Margherita and Portofino

The Ligurian coast is stunningly beautiful with jewel-like towns dotting the coastline between the Cinque Terre and Genoa. One of my favourite areas is the Gulf of Tigullio, home to three towns, Rapallo, Santa Margherita and the famous Portofino. This is where the rich and famous came to live La Dolce Vita, anchoring their mega yachts near Portofino’s little harbour and filling the luxury hotels and gorgeous private villas on the hills above the town. If you have seen Aaron Slims books about life of the “high Society” back in the day, Portofino features prominently in his images. Driving to […] 

Scrambled eggs with white truffle from San Miniato

Some things feel luxurious and truffles are certainly among them. We are in Italy right now at the height of white truffle season and just returned from the white Truffle Festival in San Miniato, still overwhelmed by the abundance of truffles and array of truffle products that were available. We tasted truffles in several dishes, mostly with pasta, risotto, cheese and on crostini, but one of the simplest ways it was served and to me one of the most delicious was simply with eggs. Truffles were offered with scrambled eggs, fried eggs and plain, runny egg omelette, with truffles either […] 

Italy’s Liguria – The Cinque Terre, how to get there and what to eat and drink

We are stationed on the Tuscan coast, within a short drive of most sites in Tuscany and close to the gorgeous Ligurian coast with its five charming villages known as the Cinque Terre (chin-que-te-rrre). This is where we are headed today. The Cinque Terre are five picture perfect coastal villages, lined one after the other in ravines along a 6 mile stretch of rugged coast. The colourful homes cling to each other and to the rocky cliffs in a vertical arrangement between the pristine blue sea below and the terraced vineyards above. Steep, narrow pedestrian only alleys cut through each […] 

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