This Week in my Kitchen

Sweet potatoes with chestnuts, lime and cashew cream

This week is clean the fridge and pantry week as we are heading for the Mayan Riviera for a couple of months. My fridge is always full (overfull, perhaps?) so I had plenty to work with. I made all kinds of interesting salad combinations, a couple of rice pilaf with the vegetables that I obsessively buy (can’t resist), roasted the root vegetables and even made some cookies, just for fun. Many didn’t get photographed but some did, which I will post in the next while. I have had a difficult time photographing indoors under artificial light, haven’t got this system […] 

Cashew cream – sweet and tangy versions

You may have noticed that I have been experimenting with cooking without dairy. I was resistant to the idea of making pseudo-dairy foods for quite a while (just eat less of it, no?) but recently decided to give it a try partly because a number of my readers are vegan and I thought it would be a nice gesture at the very least. This cashew cream worked out quite well and it is versatile enough that you can play with different flavouring. So far I have used it on sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, breakfast cereal (just a dollop), in tacos […] 

Steel cut oats with caramel pear and chantilly (or cashew) cream

A warm bowl of oatmeal is one of my top of the list comfort foods. In that category, my favourite type of oats are the steel cut because they retain a nice chewy texture and do not get mushy when cooked. Steel cut oats (a.k.a Irish Oatmeal) are made by removing the husks from the grains and then putting the grains through a cutting machine with rotating steel disks that cut each oat into 2-3 small pieces, hence the name steel cut oats. In case you are wondering, Scottish oatmeal is slightly different. Instead of cutting the oats with steel disks […] 

Roasted beet dip with goat cheese

We just returned from a short stay in Vancouver, a four hour drive from our current home going west. The roads were treacherous following a first heavy snow fall and we passed several empty cars in the ditch along the way. Trucks were having a difficult time climbing up the hills, sliding right back down with little control. We were glad to arrive safe and sound at the Rosewood Georgia hotel in the center of town and enjoyed a couple of days of luxury away from home attending to family business. I usually travel with a foodie agenda but not this […] 

Cookbook Giveaway Winners

                                   Congratulations COOKBOOK GIVEWAY winners: Thanks to all who participated in the GIVEAWAY. Because of the success of the Giveaway I will collect a few more books and offer another Giveaway when we return from our winter escape to warm weather. Please watch the blog for details.   The Cheesecake Bible:   Jordan 150 Best Dips and Salsas:  Kim The Complete Book of Indian Cooking:     Jaelene The Cook’s Essential Kitchen Dictionary:  Catherine   I will contact each of you for your mailing […] 

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