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Zucchini “pasta” with pea shoots

It has been a while since I bought any kitchen gadgets but on a recent trip to Vancouver my son recommended the KitchenAid spiralizer attachment and I went for it instantly. I have a spiralizer thingy at home but it works best with larger vegetables such as potatoes etc. The KitchenAid one apparently works with any size. (nothing to disclose, this is not a promotional post). While in Van City we had dinner at Provence in Yale town one evening and I ordered a vegetarian dish they called Panisse and vegetables. As it happened, the only thing I could eat […] 

Making Susur Lee Singapore Slaw at home

Whenever we are in Toronto I make sure we go to Chef Susur Lee’s restaurant Lee on King street and we always order his unique signature dish: Singaporean Slaw with Salted Apricot dressing. This is not an ordinary slaw, far from it. It is a 19 ingredients tall mound of fresh julienned vegetables, on a bed of fried rice noodles, sprinkled with herbs, fried shallots, pickled red onion, pickled ginger, tomatoes, sesame seeds, toasted peanuts and a whole bunch of sprouts and micro-greens, all topped with a yet taller mound of crisp fried taro spirals. It’s quite a sight and […] 

Garden sushi rolls

For some reason I was craving sushi the other day and we went to a local Japanese restaurant to have some. I was discussing the vegetarian options with the server and she suggested a vegetarian bento box that would contain “a nice balance of different items”. Well, perhaps it did but I didn’t get my fill of sushi, with all the tempura, so called salad, more rice and whatnot included in the box. I have seen a documentary about the art of sushi making in Japan, with sushi artists-craftsmen devoting a life time to perfecting the art. I don’t think […] 

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

I am still relieving moments from the trip to Italy so bear with me. The best spaghetti alla puttanesca we had was in Naples at the authentic Antica Pizzeria Port Alba, rumoured to have created the first pizza in Naples. The pasta was perfectly cooked, had just enough sauce and the flavours were intense and pure. That dish remained in my memory and today I thought I would try and recreate it the best I could. I emailed Susy, whose family has owned the Antica pizzeria Port’ Alba for several generations and who was our private guide on the Food […] 

Barley, Cauliflower and Cabbage bowl

I have been making an effort to use up all of the grains and legumes in my pantry. I am a bit of a shopping addict when it comes to foods, wanting to buy everything in sight. Just think of what I could do with this or that. So inevitably I have jars filled or half filled with barley, wheat berries, various rice grains, lentils and more. I haven’t cooked with barley in a while so I thought I’d empty the jar into a bowl and feature it in a dish with a few vegetables. A quick look in the […] 

Riesling poached pears with spun sugar

Poached pears are a classic desserts and I have posted recipes for poached pears here before.  In that recipe I poached them in red wine and they were beautiful. Poached pears was also one of the desserts I found on almost all of the menus in Italy recently and I got to indulge myself in this lovely finale to many great dinners. The other day I found little honey belle pears at our local produce department and brought  them home with visions of poached pears on my mind. I usually poach pears in red wine but these, I thought, would […] 

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